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Sunday, 1 January 2012

365 days

Happy New Year!

What did you do last night?  I was in bed by 9:30 p.m. Yeap I'm a party animal!

Every year on December 31st, I say that the next year I will do "x,y,z". And then I follow it up with "and this year it's gonna be different!  I'm gonna stick to my New Year's resolutions!  Yes I will!  Mark my words".

Ha ha!

I am laughing as I type those words.  Usually my resolutions last up until Valentine's Day.  Although I have to admit that my "new diet" of eliminating processed foods lasted most of the year in 2011 (on and off) and I did end up loosing about 25-30 pounds ( I gained a few back over the holidays).  So I'm pretty happy and proud that I stuck to that goal, and I feel better for doing it.

So what's  up with making New Year's resolutions anyway?

Why is it we do this to ourselves? It's like January 1st is a magical new beginning and for the next 365 days our lives will be sooo much different than the last 365 days. We all do it.  We make all of these resolutions and then a month later when we have abandoned them, we feel so let down, like we are not good enough.  Like we are not strong enough to stick to our goals.  It's like we have to do it, because everyone else is doing them.  If you make a "resolution" and 21 days later you have somehow "failed", guess what?  Don't wait until next January 1st.  Try again, when you feel it is right for you.  That's what I did with my "diet goals" last year, and it helped me.

So for 2012 instead of making a resolution I am going to choose a word (I read about it on this blog)

My personal word for 2012 is Discipline!

I know, it's the same word that Sarah picked, but discipline is the one thing that I'm lacking in my life.

I need more discipline in my financial budget, in my diet, with my time, in my life... period!

Today I'm going to spend some time and get my 2012 budget organized, look at my pantry and menu plan for the week, and look at my schedule and see where I can schedule in exercise.  For the most part, I'm taking it one week at time.

So what does the next 365 days look like for you?  Did you make a resolution or pick a word like I did?
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