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Monday, 9 January 2012

Menu Plan Monday - Pantry Challenge Week 2

Last week was hard, really hard, the kids were always hungry and I hadn't planned very well for lunches.  I found myself scrounging for food in the freezer/pantry so I could stick to my Menu Plan for the week. But I got through it and improvised where I needed to, which is what this challenge is all about.

I'm hoping this week will be easier.

Breakfast: Choice of cereal, bagels, Smoothies, Pancakes (in freezer)

Lunch: leftovers as available, Tuna sandwiches, Beef sandwiches from Sunday's roast


Sunday: Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, veggie. I also make a home made pizza on Sundays so that we have options for lunches for the week.

Monday: Chicken Cutlets, Rice pilaf, salad

Tuesday: Beef Barley Soup (using leftover Beef from Sunday, I will put aside (hide) in the freezer for this meal) and will substitute Spinach for cabbage (kids don't like cabbage for some reason)

Wednesday: Beef Stew, home made rolls

Thursday: Perogies and salad

Friday: Pizza, salad (sometimes I make Panzerotti or Pizza Roll ups, depends on my mood.)

Saturday: Cook's day off (me). I'm hoping for leftovers or else we will be scrounging for food in the freezer again.

So that's what I have planned for the week. My Bread Machine will get quite the work out!

What are you eating this week?

For Menu Planning ideas check out Organizing Junkie's MPM.
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