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Saturday, 14 January 2012

No (Low) Spend and Pantry Challenge- Week 2 Update

Really that button should say "I am going to spend all my money this week!  Seriously!"

So I like I said last week, I didn't expect this week to be a No Spend week and it wasn't.

We needed groceries... desperately.  I went to Costco and spend $69.43 and No Frills and spend $33.66. Total for Groceries was $103.09. I took me over my $100 limit, so I cheated and borrowed from Misc. spending envelopes.  Then I went out midweek again and spent another $15.65 which I used from miscellaneous spending again. I also bought a sample can of paint for Hubby's company for a paint project that I was bidding on.  (And by the way, my bid was actually accepted, and I'll be starting the work this weekend. Which means I will have an extra $500-600 to add to my Emergency Fund. Can I get a whoot whoot!!??!)

What I did right this week:

1. I menu planned. Knowing what you are going to be serving every night is a huge money/budget saver.
2. Look for Free Entertainment. I love to scrapbook and have been doing it for about 8 years or so. Although this is not a cheap hobby in itself, I do have a large stash of products that I can use right now and not spend any money (for awhile). My neighbor who is just starting out in scrapbooking came over last weekend and we scrapped for a few hours and had lots of fun, just chatting.  Meanwhile, Haley was at Grannie's for some Haley-Grannie time all weekend, Anthony was at the neighbours for playtime and Sydney and hubby went to the gym and worked out.  (And not so Free: Hubby took Anthony and Sydney to see The Adventures of  Tin-Tin and spend our allotted Entertainment money. They chose to go to Rainbow Theatres which are cheaper than the Cineplex Theathres.)  The remainder of the week we were busy with school, and after school activities and other important things to spend any other money (that we didn't have anyways).

So here is what our envelopes look like: 

Week 1 - $160 - $60 left in envelopes, $100 into Emergency Fund

Week 2
Clothing - $40
Gifts/Entertainment - $0
Misc. - $15.57
groceries - $0

Going into week 3 I have another $160 to work with (same categories as above!) and $475 in my Emergency Fund.

Clothing - $60
Gifts/Entertainment - $20
Misc. - $35.57
groceries - $100

This coming week, I have hubby's and my nephew's birthday next weekend. 
Hubby has said he doesn't want anything, so I might use a $30 gift certificate that we got for Christmas to the Marble Slab Creamery and splurge and get an ice cream cake for us.  For my nephew, my sister wants books and training underwear.  Easy Peasy!

So that's it for now.  

Be sure to check out how others are doing with their No (low) Spend and  Pantry Challenge this week.

How did you do this week?  Any money left?
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