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Saturday, 21 January 2012

No (Low) Spend and Pantry Challenge- Week 3 Update

Hey there!

So this week I started off with $215.57. I'm letting the clothing envelope get higher because Sydney needs a new winter coat and I'm waiting for a big sale for North by NorthWest in early February.

These were my categories:

Clothing - $60
Gifts/Entertainment - $20
Misc. - $35.57
Groceries - $100

Last weekend I went to No Frills and spent $120.87 and then I popped into Walmart Supercentre and grabbed 2 large blocks of cheese for a total of 9.00. So my total for groceries were $129.87!!  Yikes!  In case you are wondering, I took the extra $29.87 from Miscellaneous spending.  I either need to stop borrowing from Miscellaneous envelope, or my grocery budgeted amount needs to be increased to $125 to even things out.  My guess is that I will increase grocery to $125 come February.  I am also considering challenging myself to only shop for groceries ever two weeks and on the off weeks just get milk and other perishables.  So the first week I would spend $200 and then I would spend $50 on the second week. Any one else do that?   

What I did right this week:

1. I menu planned. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but menu planning is really working for me!! Knowing what you are going to be serving every night is a huge money/budget saver, not to mentioned headache saver!!
2. Look for Free Entertainment.   Anthony spent the weekend with Grannie for some Grannie-Anthony time. Hubby took Sydney to work out with him at the gym on Saturday and I took Haley with me "to work" with me on Saturday and Sunday.  I started my painting project at Hubby's office building and she tagged along and helped when I needed her to.  We kept ourselves busy all weekend and spent no money from entertainment envelope! the kids had no school yesterday so we toboggonned for two hours at a nearby hill. i went down the hill twice and i thought i was going to die. i don't like heights or speed.

Going into the fourth and LAST WEEK, I have another $160 to work with and adding another $125 to emergency fund for a total of $600! I can't I believe I did it!  I really did it!

Here is what my envelopes look like:

Clothing - $80
Gifts/Entertainment - $40
Misc. - $25.70
Groceries - $100

Tonight we will celebrating hubby's birthday!  (I normally don't cook on Saturday's but I'm making an exception tonight).  Not sure yet what I'm making! I will also pick up a cake from Marble Slab Creamery (I have $30 gift certificate) and inviting his mom and brother and wife for coffee/tea dessert!  I also need to pick up groceries. And tomorrow we are going to my nephew's birthday party.

Be sure to check out how others are doing with their No (low) Spend and  Pantry Challenge this week.

So, how did you do?  
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