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Saturday, 28 January 2012

No (Low) Spend and Pantry Challenge- Week 4 Update & A New challenge


Geesh, can that title get any longer?!?!?
I know it's not the end of January, but I'm ending the January Challenge today and starting a new one (more on that in a minute)

So this is what I started my week with:

Clothing - $80
Gifts/Entertainment - $40
Misc. - $25.70
Groceries - $100

The Clothing remains the same as I'm still waiting to buy Sydney's new winter coat next weekend.  (In case you are wondering, she's got a nice warm coat, however I noticed a small tear on the side, so I figure I'd buy her new one at the end of this winter season).

Last weekend was my nephews second birthday so I used the gifts/entertainment money for his gift as well as for gas to get to Hamilton.

The rest of the money was spent on groceries.  I spent 101.36 at No Frills and the remainder of the Misc money was used to pay late fees at the library, on some mail that had to be sent overseas and I can't remember what else.  Needless to say I had 50 cents left in my wallet this week. :(  I gave the money to Anthony for his piggy bank.

So all in all I spent every last penny (except for the clothing amount).  But on the positive side I saved $600 for my emergency fund this month, which was my goal all along!  YAY!

We had alot of fun tobogganing, and swimming at our health club, kids spent time with grandma and they even went to the movies.  For Christmas I received a $25 Starbucks gift card and  $25 Tim Horton's card.  As of yesterday I still had about $10 of Starbucks card, and $15 on Tim Horton's card. I've been choosy about when to use the cards, and I have been very diligent about brewing my coffee at home. 

So of course just as I finish this challenge, Carla announces a February DOUBLE Challenge (oh that Carla, she had to up the ante, didn't she? just joking).  Of course I had to join in on the fun!

I'm creating my own rules though.

Last month I noticed my grocery bill hovered around $125, so that is what I'm setting it at.  However I've been wanting to try and only shop every two weeks for my big shop and leave a couple of extra dollars for milk and a few perishables.  This would mean I would need to essentially menu plan for two weeks at a time.  

So I'm starting my February Lo Spend today (cause hubby just got paid on Wednesday) and I've already been grocery shopping today (go figure),

This is what my two week categories look like (Jan 28 - Feb 11)
( I put the money that I saved last challenge away for the winter coat, so I'm starting fresh again)

Groceries - $250
Clothing - $20
Entertainment/Gifts - $40
Misc - $20

Like I said, I've already been shopping: Costco ($51.90) and No Frills ($57.63).  I fully expected to spend close to $200 (especially going to Costco), but only spent $109.53.  Leaving me with $140.47 until February 11.  I really tried to spend the money, I really did, but I stuck to my list and a couple of items on my list were a little overpriced and I didn't pick them up (we really didn't need them anyways).

Over the next two weeks, I have many doctors/dentist/orthodontic/specialist appointments booked for the kids.  Most of the dentist/orthodontic expense will be reimbursed through Hubby's work health care account.  I do need to take Haley for her semi-annual hearing test and visit with her ENT specialist, which means $15-20, for parking at the hospital.  It's usually a long wait (2-3 hours), so I'll have to remember to pack food and drinks.  Fingers crossed that her hearing is still stable!

I am not saving money into any particular category... I just want to save money!  We need new windows, and pool liner, and Sydney is graduating from Grade 8 and having her Catholic confirmation this year.  All of those things will require $$$, so I want to leave as much money in the bank as possible.

So, the second part of the Challenge is Decluttering!  Boy oh boy do I need to get that done around here... everywhere!!  If you remember it was one of my goals on my Great House Project List.  So thanks to Carla, I will be kicking myself into high gear and getting a bunch done. I usually do it twice a year.  Right after Christmas and when school starts in September. So I'll be starting this weekend!  Get ready to see some ugly pictures.

So that's it for me, be sure to check the others that have joined the February Double Challenge on Carla's blog.
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