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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This is the box from Haley's valentines cards.  I guess she only need 26 or is it 21?
I must be getting old... I don't get excited about Valentine's Day anymore.  I'm not anxiously waiting to see what Hubby bought me or when the flowers will show up.  I have my valentines with me everyday.  I know... I'm boring.

I remember being a kid and getting up and being all excited to give out my cards. And then getting to school and looking forward to when everyone was allowed to give out their cards.  Funny thing of all those years of giving and receiving cards, the only one that stands out was the year that my classmate Tony gave me a card and it said "just pretend it's from Ricky".  I was in grade 8 and Ricky was a boy that went to the Public school across the street from our Catholic elementary school and I had a huge crush on him. He was dreamy... kind of looked like Ralph Matcchio... tall, dark and handsome. By tall, I mean he had to be at least 5' 4" cause he was taller than me. I'm not sure if Ricky knew I had a crush on him, and I have no idea whatever happened to him either. The following year I went to highschool and I'm sure i "was in love" with another Ralph Matcchio or John Stamos look alike.  Back in those days I changed my "crushes" all the time. :0

This morning I got up and Sydney was in the kitchen and I cheerfully said "Happy Valentine's Day!".  She grunted and said "Valentine's Day is evil! It's for dorks."  She stunned me. She didn't want to hand out cards either. On the other hand, Haley has her cards all ready to hand out to her friends at school and was happily wishing Happy Valentine's Day to the entire family including our cat Bookie and Kayla the dog (that we are still dogsitting).  They are sooo different.

Anthony gave out his cards at school yesterday (he's in school every other day).  We finished writing his name on his cards at 8:44 in the morning.  His bus comes at 8:52.  He missed the bus and I had to drive him in.  All he cared about was getting candy with his cards.

We don't have any big plans for tonight.  Well I shouldn't say that.  The girls have Seikido, and I'm making our  favourite family meal... Sheppard's Pie.  I'll also make a dessert, it's also a family favourite.  Maybe two because Haley volunteered  me to make one for her classes potluck party tomorrow. Isn't she sweet.  :)

So to all of my 5 readers ( I hope I have 5)... Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your sweetie is sweet to you!

So... what are you up tonight?  What is your favourite Valentine's Day memory? Do you get all excited still?

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