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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Some Randomness...

Hey all!

I don't really have a blog post for today, so I thought I'd just ramble on for a couple of minutes.

1.  I'm sicker than I've ever been in my life!  (no not really) Yes, I'm being a bit melodramatic, but I've got a nasty sinus cold that has done me in this week.  All of my plans out the window.  I've been in bed by 9:00 p.m. most days of this week and I've been dragging my feet the rest of the time. uuuugghhh

2. Sydney has chosen the catholic highschool and also to be confirmed Catholic.  I was born and raised into Catholic family.  My husband was not.  When our children were born, I wanted to baptised them Catholic and let them get their other sacraments when they were old enough to make a choice.  Over the years, I've taken them to church, etc., but I must admit I've not be a great Catholic.  With Sydney's recent decision about highschool, we started talking about the Catholic religion and the sacraments.  So she has signed up for Confirmation classes and has been attending church on Sundays and has even joined the choir. And I've been joining her (not the choir part).  I have to admit I've missed it.

3. We are pet-sitting! We had a Siberian Huskie for 13 years named Muskoka.  He passed away in October of 2009.  We've considered getting another dog (and even tried it for a couple of months a year ago) but we've found the next best thing.  A friend of ours who travels often asked if we wanted to look after his girlie (a golden retriever) Kayla while he is away.  I jumped at the chance. It's like having a dog part-time without the commitment of having a dog.   She's getting me out of house and out for walks.  She is a really good girl.  However my cat Bookie (that we adopted after Muskoka passed away) is not a fan.  I'm constantly playing referee between the two.  Actually I'm usually shooing the cat away, cause the dog is usually running away. we've had her here since the January 29th. Not sure how long  Kayla will be with us, it might be a month or more, and I'm not complaining. I love having her around.

4. Decluttering! I can't say I've done much this week.  I have plans to get a few areas cleaned up tomorrow, if my sinus cold miraculously goes away over night!

5. I said No this week! One of my personal goals this year was to say no to volunteering requests that I'm not passionate about or take me away from family too much.  I've been looking after the Silent Auction for my  kid's Fun Fair for the past 5 years, and every year, I complain how much time it takes, and then up doing  it again the next year because we can't anyone else. You see, up until this year Sydney went to one school and Anthony and Haley went to another school.  So on the day of the Fun Fair I would run around between the two school setting up and picking up the kids from the other school, and when I'd get back my set-up would be a mess.  So I said "NO" this year, and we already have a lovely lady signed up to look after it.  I will get her all set up.  It feels good, and I don't feel guilty.  I'm sure I'll help with something else that does not take up so much of my time.

That's all I have for today.  I'm off to have a tea and cuddle under a blanket.

Have a good one.
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