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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Yes, I'm now a Plumber too!

Okay, the title is a little misleading! Not really a plumber, I'm more like a frugal handywoman!

Five years ago when we renovated our kitchen I was advised not to cheap out on the kitchen faucet.  I was told to go with a quality faucet with possibly a lifetime warranty.  Well I did some research (which means I went to Home Depot and talked to the faucet guy) and he recommend the Moen faucet.  It had a lifetime warranty and was the style (and price I was looking for).  It cost $199 plus taxes (according to the receipt that I still have for it).  I'm not sure it it was on sale or not (probably was, knowing me).

Fast forward to a few weeks ago I noticed some wetness underneath the sink, (which ended up turning into a slow stream whenever the faucet was on).  After some saying some words that are not blog-worthy, I remembered the conversation about the lifetime warranty with the Home Depot faucet fella.  I dug out my old kitchen reno file and found the receipt and warranty that I had saved for just such emergency.

I contacted Moen and they knew right away what was causing me the leak and they sent me the parts. They took about a week to get to me (which meanwhile meant that we I had to remember to be very vigilant underneath the sink.

As soon as the replacement parts arrivedl, I wasn't about to call a plumber or wait for hubby to take a look at it.  So I got down to business... And prayed that I didn't have any mishaps or have to call a plumber!

First thing I did was turn off the water under the sink and then I get out lots of towels... just in case! ;-)

Then I studied and studied some more about what all the pieces were and where they belonged.

Honestly their instructions were so easy to follow, it was ridiculous.

These are the pieces that I was working with.  (these are the old ones)


Here are my tools!

This is the piece that was causing the leak.  Apparently these are the first things to go on the faucet cause of all the wear and tear.  So I have a feeling I will be doing this again in about 5 years.  Thank goodness for the lifetime warranty!!

And of course I injured myself! And now it hurts to type. I pinched it really well with the pliers!

Here she is, all put back together.  (yes, she is a girly faucet. Just look at those curves.)

Sorry I didn't take any action shots of taking it apart, cause that would have slowed me down and/or confused me.

So re-cap... I saved us about $199 plus taxes, I tackled a project that scared me to pieces and I am now an official plumber... or handywoman! Or whatever you call a handy person that fixes water leaks in faucets.

Oh yeah... In case you are wondering, I checked it's not leaking anymore either!

Yay me!

So, are you a handywoman? Would you have dug right in and gotten to work or wait for someone else (who knows what they are doing) to do it?

pssst... FYI, Moen is not paying me to write any of this post, although they should be. :)

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