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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ordinary Days

Hey! Hey!

One of my favourite bloggers, Sarah, often writes a post called Ordinary Days, which I love.  So I thought I'd do the same

I did a camera dump and here are some pictures from the past few months that I found.  

In no particular order.

Sorry, for some blurry pictures.  I blame it on lousy lighting. (not my camera skills :) )

One day while we were outside playing, 
I caught Anthony laughing hard at one of his friends.

When he caught me taking the picture, 
this is the look that I quickly got.

I took this picture one day 
when I was out for a walk with the kids.
So pretty.

Great Wolfe Lodge, Niagara.

Haley would go full speed on all of the rides and then would come back to lazy river to catch her breath. 

And then be off again.

I wish I had her energy.

Easter Day.

Guess who found the Bunny's Bounty?

Earlier this year, Sydney decided that she wanted to
 attend a local Catholic high school.  
Then, she signed herself up for a series of classes so that she could receive her sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation.  
My sister (her godmother) was her Confirmation sponsor.
I was happy with her decision.
I was happy I let her make the decision.

This is dinner from the other night...

Grilled vegetables with Quinoa and Sliced Beef

Sooo yummy!

Guess what I am working on?

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