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Monday, 19 November 2012

All is good - A quick update

Hey there!  I'm back for  my bi-monthly update on happenings around Someret Lane.  ;)

1.  My health (and my cyst) - I had another 6 month check-in MRI and my cyst has changed slightly, but still nothing to be concerned about. I go again in 6 months to get it looked at.  I have now gotten a second opinion with a neuroligist and I got the same feedback as the first doctor.  I'm feeling more confident on diagnosis.  I am going at end of November for a bone-scan to figure out why have so much bone pain through out my body.  I'm not worried, or I'm trying not to be.

2. Since my hubby's job-loss a couple of months ago, we have decided to temporarily switch roles: he is home with the kids and I've accepted a contract position until the end of December with the local university.  At first it was challenging to let go of control of the house, but I'm working on it, and letting hubby enjoy being at home and spending time with the kids (he's never been able to). And I'm enjoying getting up and wearing something other than yoga pants and running shoes everyday. ; )

3.  Do you rember the mudroom situation? Well it's done!  ALL OF IT! But it deserves it's on post.  So I'll be doing that later this week.

So that's all I have to update you on for now.  I'll be back as soon as I take final pics of Mudroom and I can brag show it  to you all.

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