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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Change is good... right?

Hey there!

I know, it's been awhile since I've posted, and I don't even know even if I have any readers left.  But,
"hello", if there is anyone left out there.

I've been MIA for awhile because I've been down in the dumps, and didn't want to burden anyone else with my thoughts. But, bare with me, cause I need to do a "brain dump" on you.  :-)

A few months ago, hubby let me know that the company that he worked at wasn't doing well, and might be letting go of some employees.  He thought he would be one of them.  We've had many necessary expenses that we've had to incur recently (new pool liner, furnace and A/C unit, car repairs, etc), and so our savings were minimal.  I prayed and prayed for the best. My wish was that the company would "turn around" and start doing well again and not have to let anyone go.

Well, yesterday, while doing "office work" in the basement, I heard footsteps in the floor above me at about 11:30 a.m. I knew the footsteps belonged to hubby and by looking at the time, I had a feeling my worst fears were confirmed.  He was let go from his position at the company along with a bunch of other people.  Panic kicked in immediately.  The bills, the healthcare benefits, the guaranteed salary, Haley's braces, Sydney needs new shoes, prescription medicatiosn, etc!  (not necessarily in the that order). 

Last night, I didn't sleep well.  I don't handle stress well, never have.  Money has always been one of my biggest stressor (is that even a word). Growing up, my parents never had enough money.  We were never living on the streets, but we also never had new cars, new clothes or even the latest toys, you know the things that every little kid dreams about.  At Christmas my brother and I always hoped for a toy under the tree, but usually we got necessary stuff like winter boots, or clothes.  I was well into my late teens, before I can say that my family was doing financially well.  By that point, I had a job (or two) and was taking care of all my personal needs (clothes, transportation, pocked money).  I remember going out and buying my little sister an expensive doll, because I always wanted one as a little girl and never had one.
Like every parent, I want the very best for my children.  Although I routinely shop at second hand stores, up until this point I haven't done it for necessity, but because I enjoy the hunt and the thrill of finding a bargin.  As of today, everything changes.  With both of us unemployed, there are alot of bills to pay and the uncertaintity of how to pay them.  I am sad because I haven't managed our money properly and have not saved 6-12 months worth of expenses in an emergency account.  Don't get me wrong, we have retirement savings, and a bunch of other investments, but that money is for our retirement years. Although, I did our budget yesterday, that budget changes today, because their will not be another guaranteed pay day. 

Today, I will be going to through our monthly expenses and seeing where we can cut expenses. Things like the gym membership and extra channels on the t.v.  I half jokingly told hubby we can't afford your $1.60 for coffee anymore, so I'll add a few extra scoops of coffee grounds to the coffee maker.  lol

Yesterday, my husband reminded me that everything happens for a reason.  Years ago, while we were expecting the birth of Sydney and my imminent maternity leave, he lost his job.  And although we were panicked and nervous about having a new baby, a bunch of household expenses and being unemployed, it was the best thing that could happen.  Whithin weeks, he landed a position with a stable company that started his career in the right path.  When we decided to move to our current city, neither one of us had jobs, and within months became pregnant with Anthony.  Another stressful time.  With patience and trust that everything happens for a reason, hubby landed the position that for the past 7 years has provided for our family.

Although today, I am scared and nervous on where the money is going to come from, I feel confident that change is good, and in a few years I'll look back on this "blip" in time and think "no big deal, we'll be alright".

Meanwhile, I am currently sending out my resume in the hopes of getting back to work as an Administrative Assistant somewhere (with healthcare benefits, lol).  And, I truly believe and I am hopeful that hubby will find a position that challenges him and rewards him like the last position did.

Have you ever been faced with a stressful financial time? What changes did you make?
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