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Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year! Yeah I know it's 7 days into the month, but with the kids back in school today, it's a brand new year for me... today!
As I've overshared mentioned before, 2012 was not the best year for us, either financially, mentally or health wise. I'm looking forward to 2013 and better things to come. 
Ok... let's look back at what my House Projec list looked like last January:


1.  New pool Liner (estimate of $6,500), possibly a new salt water generator ($2,500) - Done and Done! We had to get new liner, and it turns out the old generator only needed a $200 part replaced (good news, i think).
2.  New Windows (master bedroom, ensuite bath, kids beddooms) estimate cost $5,000 - Nope!  We got a quote for Sydney's bedroom and our ensuite bath and that was $5,000.
3.  New toilets master ensuite and kids/spare bathroom.  Nope!
4. Declutter the entire house!!! Done! We dropped off a few times at Goodwill, and Haley had two garage sales to make money to buy herself an iPod. This is a never ending item on the list, it's needing to be done again.


First Floor

Hallway/Stairs - Nope

1. artwork
2. coat closet doors
3. remove carpet from stairs/refinish stairs

Powder Room - 95% done - I still need to change light switch, and I think the light fixture is staying put until I find spare change to afford a new one.

1. New colour for walls (I have to sand the walls first) - yes
2. New light fixture - nope
3. New towel Bar - yes
4. Change light switches/electrical panel - nope
5. New door - yes
6. Change hinges on cabinet doors - changed my mind, doesn't need to be done afterall.
7. artwork/accessories - yes

Living Room/Dining Room

1. new curtains - nope

Kitchen - nope - although I did organize a couple times, but it's needing it again.

1. organize
2. add electrical panel in small pantry (for charging station)
3. declutter drawers/shelves
4. organize desk
5. touch up paint chips on walls/paint trim

Family Room  -  20% - I bought a lamp, but I still think I need one more.

1. Artwork
2. New area rug
3. Organize New built-in cabinets
4. Lamps
5. figure out what to do about fireplace (gas insert is out of budget)

Laundry Room - 100% - (Although I'm still working on #5)
1. Paint
2. Counter on washer/dryer
3. organization
4. Hooks for coats
5. Art

Basement - Nope

1. Artwork
2. Built-ins for Media/Rec room
3. Organize office/Scrap room area

Second Floor

Master Bedroom - Nope (although I bought a frame for box spring to get it off the ground)

1. choose new paint colour/ colour scheme - nope
2. a bed (our matress and box spring currently sits on the floor) - nope
3. artwork - nope
4. sidetables (do I paint existing or look for new) - nope
5. New comforter/duvet/bedsheets/pillows - nope

Ensuite Bath - Nope (and not happening until hubby get's a job)

- other than toilet, I'm saving for a complete reno for this room in 2013

Anthony's Room - nope
1. new paint/colour scheme - nope
2. bookcase/shelves
3. artwork - nope
4. curtains - nope
5. closet door- bought doors

Sydney's Room - 100% done

1. new colour scheme/paint
2. New bed (do I paint existing or look for new)
3. New comforter/duvet/bedsheets/pillows
4. artwork
5. New dresser (do I paint/fix existing or look for new)
6. organize closet
7. curtains

Haley's Room -  Nope

1. new colour scheme/paint - nope
2. New bed (do I paint existing or look for new) - nope
3. New comforter/duvet/bedsheets/pillows - nope
4. artwork - nope
5. New dresser (do I paint/fix existing or look for new) - nope
6. organize closet - nope
7. curtains - nope
8. New Closet doors - done

Kids/Spare Bathroom - 100% done

1. New Paint Colour
2. artwork/accesories
3. organizing
4. Frame mirror
5. Change light switches/electrical panel

So as I look back , I actually did more than I thought I did. If my math is correct I got about... 26.67% (please, don't check my math). Not bad, considering we had limited funds.
For 2013, I don't think I'll add anything to my to-do list until I've checked off about 50% of the list. If Hubby gets a job soon, hopefully we'll start ticking off the NEED list, before they become "Desperately need list".
So, how much did you get done in 2012, that you set out to do on January 1st, 2012?
P.S. - I haven't forgotten about the pics that I promised of Laundry/Mudroom.  I'll be starting that post as soon as I publish this one. I pinky swear
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