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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I'm dreaming again... Bedrooms this time.

Oh, it's been a yucky weekend. Anthony, Haley and I have come down with a virus that has wiped all my energy this weekend. Add in a cute little puppy, my plans for the weekend went out the window. And we're still working on feeling better. And it's been so cold in these parts and having to let the pup out every two hours is like sending icicles through my veins. Sigh

So since I spent so much time in bed (or checking on my patients in bed), my mind started wandering and then searching the Internet for bedroom ideas. This another item on my House Project List that absolutely needs to get done THIS YEAR! Why is this the last room to get always get finished?

(FYI: click on images to take you to the source)

My first stop was Pottery Barn! I love Pottery Barn (just not their prices).

This picture has everything I'm looking for... Comfort, calm, and pretty. I love the headboard.  oh that headboard.  It's curvacious without being all J-Lo in your face.


This picture has everything I'm looking for... Comfort, calm, neutral and pretty. The paisly in the duvet sends me back to younger days... i'm pretty sure i had a few shirts with paisley print on them. oh ... I love the headboard, did i mention that?  I'm not sure about the sides of the headboard.


Here is another inspirational bed picture from A Well Dressed with the curve at the top but without the sides.

I'm really gravitating to the neutral colour of the head board.


Here's a close up of the headboard.


The bed above from Honey We're Home is very VERY similar to the others.  Practically the same colour and same design.

So here's the thing... I'm drawn to the same bed over and over again.  I've shared my inspirational pictures with hubby and he likes them too!  I checked the price of the Pottery Barn bed and I nearly fell off my chair.  It's a little out of my price range, so as soon as can get off my tooshy i'm going to see if I can shave off a few thousand of the price of making my own dream bed. I've set my completion date for Valentine's Day. :)

What do you think of the sides of the headboard? Yay or nay-nay?

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