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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Main Bathroom Makeover - Before and After

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Do you remember the House Project list? Well I think it's high time I fill you in on the things that have been done so far... room-by-room. I sure hope you don't mind...

So, one of the many things on that list was the Main Bathroom (a.k.a the kids bathroom).

A couple days ago I bragged updated you on what I got done in 2012.

Here's my list with the items all checked off.

Kids/Spare Bathroom - 100% done

1. New Paint Colour
2. artwork/accessories
3. organizing
4. Frame mirror
5. Change light switches/electrical panel

But let me take you back to the beauty that this bathroom was when we moved in back in 2005, because it will just make our upgrades much more impressive.

There she is! In all her 1970's time-warp glory. This picture was taken the day of our house inspection. (that's me in the tub trying to be inconspicuous)

Isn't she a beauty? (my apologies if any of my readers has a similar looking bathroom)

What you can't see in this pic is the rusty large hole in the sink by the drain (that was covered up with silicone).

Shortly after we moved in (like a week or two later), I hired a handyman/plumber to removed the holy - sink. Then to take away the ugliness I had the plumber replace the faucet, change the light fixture, change the counter and do the tiling for us. (Funny, 7 years later I could probably do those things myself). At the time it wasn't in the budget to replace the vanity, so I simply took off the handles and left it as is. (think doors with holes in the middle).

When the handyman was done his thing, I spent days upon days removing the super-glued on wallpaper and scraping the leftover bits. Then I painted the walls. And left it like that... cause I got pregnant with Anthony and I was just plain tired.

Fast forward to 2012...

I finally filled in the holes in the doors and painted the vanity, painted the window trim, and the walls. Framed the mirror. Changed the hardware, added accessories, fluffed up the towels and....


You can see it's the same doors. I used wood filler in the holes from the old pulls in the middle, and sanded them down until they were nice and smooth.

New Brushed nickels faucets.

Since there was no wall to put a long towel bar in, I added 3 hooks instead.  The hooks are right above the vent, so in the winter the kids have nice warm towels. (the downfall is in summer they have cold towels from the a/c.  ooops )

Opposite the little shelving unit are pictures of my babies when they were... babies. Aren't they cute? Those are dollar store frames and scrapbook paper used as mats to add colour to the room.

I found the little shelf at my neighbour's garage sale and they gave it to me for free.  They wanted it gone. So I painted it white and the kids use to display their little knick-knacks and other treasures.

And here is another before and after.... in case you missed it the first time.


So there you go... one of last years projects - done.  And it only took me seven years to finish it.

Is anyone else out there a procrastinator like me?

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