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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

Hi all!

Thank you all so  much for the love on the mudroom reno.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, considering my limited woodworking experience. I'm already looking around to see what else I can build. ;)

Yesterday, hubby and I went to Teppermans, a local furniture store, to check out their Clearance section.  We were looking for a bed frame for Haley's room, since her garage sale $5 bed fell apart. While I was walking around I came across an area with a bunch of huge mirrors with a sign above them that said $47. There was a sales guy near by and he quickly came by and said "ignore the sign". All of the sudden  he had me intrigued and I asked "why? How much are they?" He says "$10!".  At this point, I think I sprinted across the room to get hubby to tell him to forget the bedframe, we were getting a mirror instead. I'll let you figure out what his response was... but in the end , we got the bedframe AND the mirror... that we did not need, by the way... nor did I know where I was placing it, by the way. 

Once I got home I quickly got to work, trying to figure out where to put it... and justify my purchase.

Well, we have this spot in our living room that had a mirror over a console/sideboard, but I've always thought the mirror was too small for the space.  And it bugged me.

You can see that the scale was all wrong.

So I brought in the new mirror.

I love how big it is, and now... I think it fits the space!

There were a few scratches, but nothing a touch up pen wouldn't fix.

And just so you are not scrolling and up and down, here is the before...


And now the After...

Did I mention it was $10?

Yeah 10 buckaroos for the chunky-framed-bevelled-glass-loveliness!!

hmmm... now that lamp looks all wrong!

So have you ever gone out for looking for one thing and found something else you just had to have? oh really, just me?

I'm linking up...

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