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Monday, 7 January 2013

The Mudroom is done!

pssst.... you can find more details here.

Hi ya  peeps!

So are you ready for it?  All three of you that have been waiting with bated breath?

As I've promised you a meeeelllion times before, I present to you the much awaited, much anticipated Mudroom (and laundry room too) .

I've been talking about this mudroom for almost a year  now; although, I'm pretty sure I've been dreaming about it for a lot longer than that. 

This is what I started with...

Oh and let's not forget the other side. 

Builder grade laundry. 

And by builder grade... I mean 1979 builder grade

because that is when this house was built.

This is how we were storing our things before.
(I'm thinking this was an exceptionally messy day). 

I built cubbies so that each person in the family got a cubby for a basket,
as well as a smaller cubby to drop their mitts and hats into (and off my floors).
I also added 5 hooks, and two smaller hooks for hubby and I to hang our keys.

I actually cheated with the bottom part.  On the day that I went to Rona to pick out my wood and have it cut to my measurements, I notice they had a kit for what I was going to build... exactly(plus or minus a half inch or two). So, I purchased a bench kit ($129) and saved myself a huge headache of trying to build it from scratch and making it stable and all that. 
Yeah I know, I'm a cheater and I'm proud of it.

I did have to build the back part - I used some wood that I had in the basement. 

This is what the  kit looked like, before I added the back and painted it.
image description
Rona - Cubbie Storage Bench

This little shelving unit hides the water shut-off for the washer. 
(In case the next owner ever wants to add a sink.)
In the 7 years that we've lived in this house I only used the tub once or twice, so I knew I didn't want one.

I left a few shelves to hold more baskets, because in a family of 5,
you can never have too many baskets.

I also painted the walls, ceiling and changed the door handle knobs. 
What a huge difference the wall colour made.  Brightened the room right up. 

We also added a counter top to fold clothes.
I actually have to give credit to hubby for doing this part for me. 
I think the cost was $125.
Haley chose the counter top colour.  I think she did a great job.

Here is a close-up of the counter.

And now... because everyone likes a good before and after...

Mudroom - BEFORE

Mudroom - AFTER

We're really happy with how it turned out and it's
made a huge difference in the mornings as the kids run out to catch the bus.  Organizational bliss.

So what do you think? Was it worth the wait? 

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