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Monday, 4 February 2013

Puppy Love

Do you remember my  furry bundle of joy?

Don't let those beautiful brown eyes fool you, she is kicking my patootie!  Who knew that something so sweet and cuddly one minute could be so hyper and have such sharp teeth the next?!?!  Holy Camoly!!

So, I though today I'd share some things that have been saving our sanity and our ankles!

Oh and some pictures of our furry princess!

She loves to steal our shoes or slippers or boots.  It don't matter she's not picky.  As soon as the mudroom doors are open, she runs in there to take something from the cubbies.

So we gave her an old slipper to chew on now.  Whenever we catch her stealing our shoes, we take it away and give her the black slipper above.  Little bugger will then drop that slipper and try to get the one we just took away back, but she's getting better at it.

She also likes to go into the kitchen and sideswipe the tea towels hanging from stove or sink.  So we're using the same trick and gave her own towel.  Once again, she's getting better. (it's the white one you see above).

See the purple thing in the back? That's called a Busy Buddy Twist'n Treat and it's been a sanity saver.  
In the morning when I'm busy trying to get the kids out the door to the bus stop on time, I put her breakfast in there and she "works to get the food out".  It works like a charm!

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We also use the Kong - Wobbler Dog toy to keep her furry butt busy. The thing always stays upright so in the morning or whenever she's extra energetic I put some of her food in there and let her have at it.  Sometimes she starts pouncing and barking at it, likes it the wicked witch of the west.  It's quite funny to watch.

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Of course she is a 2 1/2 month old puppy, and puppies have accidents.  I have to admit she is doing really well with the potty training though, and has only had accidents when we've missed one of her cues.  To clean her accidents, we use Shaklee's Basic H2. It's non-toxic, and it's natural, and super duper concentrated. And this little girl is licking my floors all the time, so I need to make sure she's safe.  I've even used it in our carpet cleaner, and it's worked beautifully. It's gotten rid of the smell too.

I know these puppy months won't last forever and she will eventually calm down and learn to not steal our shoes, etc.  And I have to keep reminding myself of that. When we first got her, she was up every two hours during the night and now, she is sleeping for 5 - 7 hours stretches at night.  Which has been amazing. 

We are crate training her and also taking puppy classes (to train us, I think).

So we are slowly easing out of the puppies, but I know we still have months to go before she is the couch potato type of dog that her breed is known for.

So... any puppy owners have any other suggestions??

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