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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Puppy Organization

You know, when people say that puppies are like babies?  It's sooooo true! In more ways than one.  

They are up during the night. You have to potty train them.  You have to watch their every move and they move fast.  AND they come with alot of paraphernalia.  sheeesh

Well this girly, comes with alot of treats to keep her busy... especially for when we need her to be busy and not chewing our ankles.

So this is what I was faced with every morning!  Right beside our my coffee maker.

It's handy spot to store the treats.  It's right beside the back door where we let her out to do her business in the morning (middle of the night, etc).  But, it was seriously giving me a case of the hives, everytime I looked at it. Especially in the morning, after being up 2-3 times and not having any caffeine in me yet.

So needless to say, I needed a "pretty" and functional way to store a large amount of those treats. And it need to handy, because that puppy moves fast and looses attention fast too. I've seen some containers at Homesense that were cute and with the bone as the handle on top, but since I'm leaving it on my counter for all to see, I wanted it to blend with the rest of decor.

So I went to Goodwill to try my luck and see what I could find for a few dollars.

I found some doozies with painted fruit and other pretty things one it.  Some of them had potential, and I'm sure with effort and a can of spray paint could look lovely, if someone wanted to spend a few minutes.

Well, I didn't want to spend any time making it pretty and it's cold outside and I don't feel like spray painting right now.

And lucky for me I found this beauty.  For only three dollars!!

It had a bunch of tape holding the tape down and it felt greasy and was certainly grimy and a little dirty.  But I knew that I could quickly remove the tape and clean it up using some Shaklee Basic H2 in the degreaser formula.

And here it is now... all clean and spiffy!  

It's a much nicer greeting in the morning, beside my caffeine maker.

So I filled up with a bunch of different treats and put the others away in the pantry for future.

And just to remind you... here is a before-after.

Much better huh?

And with all the money I have been spending on treats, I'm glad the canister was only $3.00.  

Oh Mr. Goodwill how I love you!

So tell me, have you found any thing at Goodwill lately? And more importantly, should I leave it as is or write "treats" or something one it? What do you think?

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