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Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Cost of Green Clean - A Cost Comparison

I had a comment from someone the other day and it's one that I get asked about alot which is, "Are Shaklee products expensive?" 

I get it! I am a huge coupon user, and have been for many years.  For years, I was getting "green" products for pennies on the dollar.  Then I would be cleaning with these green "better-for-you" products and I would start coughing uncontrollably if my windows were not wide open.  Or my hands would dry out and start chapping, because those "earthy friendly products" were so potent.  So really, how much money was I really saving in the long run, if now I have to buy moisturizers and creams to soothe my hands?  Or open the window in the dead of winter to get rid of the "clean" smell. Not to mention the effect on the environment, because the used bottles ended up in the garbage/recycling.

Ok. I'm stand off my podium now, but I thought I've give you some numbers to work with.

The Green Clean kit above comes with the following for (member price) of $111.80.

It includes the following:

The Get Clean® Starter Kit contains:
  • Basic H Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, 473 mL (1)
  • Germ Off Fragrance-Free Disinfecting Wipes, 35 wipes (1)
  • Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover, 907 g (1)
  • Dish Wash Concentrate, 473 mL (1)
  • Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate, 907 g (1)
  • Fresh Laundry Regular Scent Concentrate HE Compatible, 946 mL (1)
  • Soft Fabric Fragrance-Free Dryer Sheets, 80 sheets (1)
  • Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate Dispenser (empty) (1)
  • Nature Bright® Dispenser (empty) (1)
  • Dropper Pipette (1)
Also includes all the accessories you need to get really clean:
  • Organizer Caddy (1)
  • Spray Bottle (3):
    • Window and Mirror Cleaner
    • All-Purpose Cleaner
    • Degreaser
  • Dispensing Pump for 946 mL bottles (1)
  • Laundry Measuring Cup (1)
  • Dual Measuring Spoon (1)
  • Cleaning accessories (4):
    • Super Microfibre General Cleaning Cloth
    • Super Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloth
    • Super Microfibre Dish Sponge
    • Miracle Scrubber Pad

You would have to spend more than $3,400 to get the same amount of cleaning found in the Get Clean Starter kit!  That's insane. 

If you look at the Cost Comparison below, you can see that  Shaklee less expensive then the other green products. ummm... less than 1 cent for window and glass cleaner?

What did you think about the chart???? Crazy isn't  it when it's broken down like that? (the chart is a few years old, so some of those prices have gone up)

I've had my original Get Clean starter kit since 2010 and only this month I've re-ordered the Basic H2 and Scour Off, because I'm running low.  And with 3 kids, a cat and now a puppy, I seem to always be cleaning something. lol  

And don't forget that I'm doing my part for the planet.

When you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit you:

  • Keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills.
  • Eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.
Makes me smile.

So are you ready to get started on a cleaner, safer, greener home that saves you money?

Contact me for other Shaklee Specials at bettecreek(@)yahoo(.)ca

Click here to visit my site or order the Get Clean Starter kit.

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