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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Things I want to remember...

This little guy is growing up too fast!

He's 6 1/2 years old now and he says the funniest things sometimes.  Just cracks me up!!

Over the years, I've been sharing on Facebook, some of the things that he says, kind of like my on-line Anthonyisms diary.  And today and went looking through the archives and alot of the posts from before 2012 were missing.  uuugghhh  not nice Facebook, not nice.  So before Facebook decides that everything he says is their property, I need to keep record here too.

The following are different posts  that I copied  from my personal Facebook from 2012. And I even found one from 2009.  

There are also some pictures from this past weekend.  

January 4, 2012As he's looking out the back door, Anthony just said "Mom, I bet the pool is frozen now and we can skate on it!" hmmmm..... I'm gonna have to watch him like a hawk today in case he gets any crazy ideas.

January 31, 2012Anthony wants to start a rock band but he needs people for his band. let me know if you are interested. Bear in mind he's 5, very bossy and his favourite song is Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden.

Feb 8, 2012 Anthony just referred to me as the Mysterious Queen while playing with his friend. Kids are so honest!

March 8, 2012Anthony just told his friend Maddie, your name is almost like mine except mine is Anthony and yours is not. I'm sure it made sense to him somehow.

March 12, 2012According to Anthony I'm the only person in this house who doesn't work. He says Scott has a job that he works at and he and the girls go to school and do school work and I do nothing all day. Really!?! huh

March 15, 2012 - Anthony just said " all my life I've been saving this family from the evil demons that lurk in the shadows". Oh my! Thank goodness for my Anthony!

April 2, 2012Anthony's friend Maddie just told him he looks handsome today. He follows with "thanks for noticing."

April 2, 2012conversation between two 5 year olds (anthony and his friend Maddie) 

Anthony: "you know superheroes are not real, they are just people in costumes. I saw it on America's Funniest videos". 

Maddie: "but Fairies are real. like the tooth Fairy. and if you don't believe you won't get any money. so believe Anthony, and make sure your mom knows you believe." lol

April 13, 2012 - Anthony heard from Sydney that the grade 8's had their vaccinations today at school and asked if he could skip grade 8 and go straight to highschool after grade 6 or change schools.

April 16, 2012I just gave Anthony a bagel with orange marmalade on it. he asked what was on the bagel. I said just try it. he asks what's "tryit"? I said it's yummy. he says I don't like "tryit"! As if tryit is a new food or something. :)

Apri 18, 2012 - oh boy! Anthony rescued ants from the cold outside and brought them in the house and he says they are his friends and doesn't want to desert them outside!!! oh boy!!!

July 16, 2012This is the second day of Anthony going shirtless. He refuses to put one on, he's afraid that while he is putting his shirt on his brain might get crushed. heaven help me.

July 18, 2012conversation between Anthony and I "mom, I have a dilemna" 
Me " oh really, what" 
Anthony "I don't know who I should pick as a my wife. Lyndsay, Nicole, Maddie, Grabrielle". 
Me: "yeap, that is a dilemna" 
Anthony: "I know! when I become a pop star it's gonna get worse, cause everyone will want to marry me!"
Aug 1, 2012 - Anthony "mom what's a carnivore?" 
Me: "someone that eat's meat."
Anthony: (with a startled look on his face) "wow mom! Did you go to Highschool?"
Me: "ummm, yes. Why?""
Anthony: "oh. Cause you know things. I thought you only went to Portuguese school."
From the mouth of a six year old.

Aug 5, 2012Anthony wants "a toy, that is a rocket with a rabbit inside attached to a parachute..." Anyone seen such a toy?

Aug 7, 2012Anthony just had to tell me (and demonstrate) to me that Toopie of Toopie and Binoo, who only has three fingers, put up his middle one. "Bad Toopie, very bad!"

Aug 14, 2012Question of the day... "What kind of bird is big bird?" Inquiring 6 year old minds want to know. (I really have no idea!)

Dec 8, 2009 Proud parent moment today in Dentist office when Anthony mooned everyone in the waiting room and then ran away with his pants down to his knees and me chasing after him.

So tell me, how do you keep track of your kidisms?
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