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Sunday, 14 April 2013

The New House

Last week, I went to the New House with the home inspector to check things out.  I had B-I-G plans to take lots and lots of pictures.  However, my camera had other plans.  Actually the battery had other plans.  It died within minutes of me getting there.  And of course I didn't have the charger on me.  Nice, I know.

Anyhow, since it will be July before I get back in there to take more pictures, I thought I'd share the pics that I did take that day. And, by the way the pictures are really crappy, because it was a dark dreary day.  Sorry.

The New House is about 9 years old and it's still within school area for Sydney's high school.  Haley has gotten an exemption to go to her current school for grade 8, which means I will be driving the 11 minutes every day to drop her off/pick her up.  Anthony will be changing schools, which we had been planning to do anyway.  Turns out he doesn't like his French Immersion school, because he can't "understand a word they are saying". His words.  So, my biggest stress in looking for a home ended up working our perfectly.

Some other tidbits about the house:  It is smaller than our current house, although it still is a 4 bedroom house. It has dark hard wood floors through out main floor, and granite counters on all the bathroom and in the kitchen as well.  The bathroom and kitchen faucets are all fabulous, and they are the look that I would have picked out myself.  The light fixtures on the other hand, are another story.  I don't like one single one of them.  We will eventually replace them all.  So much for me not wanting to spend any money on this house.

The back yard is small... really small.  Going for the large private backyard that we currently have to a small one with zero privacy is going to be quite the adjustment.  

So, here are the pics that I managed to take before my camera died.  Enjoy!

The Front Door - from the inside.

The Foyer - Looking in from the front door. 
I'm calling this house the "House of Pillars".  
(You will see why in a minute.)
Pillars #1 and #2.
Note: the boob lights.

The Stairs - going to second floor and to the basement.
More boob lights.

The Family Room- accent wall with wallpaper.  
I'm usually not a fan of wallpaper and I'm still deciding on 
whether to keep it or get rid of it right away.

The Family Room - the wall facing the couch/wallpapered wall.

The Kitchen - It's located at the back of the house.  This picture makes it look bigger than it is, but it really is not.  I'm worried about storage, and I'm already trying to come with ways to add more storage.

The kitchen - See what I mean about lack of storage?  There is no pantry either.

The Eat- in kitchen area - I have plans for adding storage to that window wall.  
Maybe a small pantry... window seat... desk?

With the dining area, being right across from it, we won't have any need for an eat-in area.  
We will eventually enlarge the island and add bar stools.
The fan light will have to go since we are not going to be having a table in the area, 
or someone will get decapitated.  

The Dining Room - looking in from the kitchen.  
The current owners are using it as a den, but it will be our dining room.
I see a beautiful light fixture in my future. ;)
Note: pillars #3 and #4.

The Dining Room - This fireplace is double sided into the Family Room.

 And that's the main floor. And that is all the (dark) pictures I got.

Come back in July for the second floor and basement.


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