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Sunday, 7 April 2013

To Move or not to Move... that is the question.

Hey Hey!

Wow! I've had a crazy couple of weeks!  After working like crazy to get our house ready for the market, it sold in two days and then we thought we had months and months to look for a new one.  Well, wouldn't you know it, we were out seeing what was on the market and we found our new house.  The offer is not 100% until certain conditions are met (inspection, financing, etc.), but they are merely technicalities.  I have not taken any pictures yet, but when I go in with house inspector later this week, I will take a bunch (cause I'm crazy like that).

Today, I thought I would start talking about why we decided to sell our house.

It actually started last summer.  Actually, for the past couple of summers, I have noticed that the girls use the pool less and less.  Usually they go strong for about 2-3 weeks when the pool is opened/school lets out and then it weans off. Usually by the end of July and most of August, the only one in the pool is Anthony and his buddies. So on average, the pool gets used for about a month every month (less if it's a rainy cold summer).

After an exceptionally hard day last summer of arguing with the girls to get their butts in the pool, and being met with resistance, I threatened that I would sell the house, pool and all.  They laughed.  I then told them to call a friend to come over and enjoy the pool with them.  So they did, and then all the girls hung out in the house.  No one went into the pool.  They didn't want to mess their hair/makeup.  I think that's when I realized it was time to let it go.

It was a tough decision.  I love my house.  I have put alot of energy into making it the beauty (that I think it is) from the ugly duckling that it once was.

It's an older home, and although we have done many extensive renovations to it, there are still many that need to be done.  We still need all new windows (15-20k), new exterior doors, we desperately need a new driveway and the front yard landscaped, and our bathrooms are still the original ones (although they are spruced up).  We figured we still have about 20-40K to spend on this house before it's D-O-N-E.

We started looking at the market in our area and what homes have typically sold for and that are comparable to ours.  Most homes in our area that have sold in the past few years (that are comparable), have not sold for much more than what we were thinking of selling ours for (without more renovations).  Even if we fixed the windows and the bathrooms, etc. it would take many years (if ever) to recoup the money that we would need to spend to recoup our investment. And windows are not 'fun' items on my to-do list.  

That was last summer and then hubby lost his job.

We, put our decision on the back burner as we decided what to do.  Hubby was contemplating a business partnership at one point, and we knew it was too much to take on to sell the house. (He has since moved on to other job opportunities.) So we put it out of our minds.

A few months ago, while having hubby's former boss in our house, he mentioned that he had friends whose children were moving back from the Caribbean and looking for a home with a pool in our neighbourhood.  It was the most random thing, but both hubby and I at the same time said "they can buy ours!" What?!? Huh?!? 

We laughed about it, but that night we started seriously talking about it... again.  

We decided that instead of new windows and a new front yard, we would rather take nice vacations with the kids, before they get too old that they no longer want to spend time with us.  We would rather put the money into the kids RESPs for post secondary education.  

So we called our agent, and put a plan in place.  I made an extensive list of things that needed to be done before it was listed and we started working.  Let me tell ya, my back was killing me on most days.      There was one day, I tweaked my back soooo bad that I had to take a week and half from house-fluffing-activities.  It was THAT bad.

And then... a house down the street went on the market.  A house with a pool.

Our agent got us in to see what the competition would look like.  I was surprised.  I felt our house was better (I might be a little biased).  The neighbours house sold within 2 days with multiple offers exceeding their asking price by $13k.  I knew right there and then that we were making the right decision.  There was no better time to recoup our investment.

About two weeks later we listed our house.  

And the rest is history.

Although I am happy that the selling process is done, I still find myself wondering if we've made the right decision.  When we bought this house, we thought this would be our forever home.  We moved alot before then, and we wanted the kids to have a place to call home.

Some days I'm still sad.  I look at around and all the memories come flooding back.  But I know that we can make more memories at our new place, because the most important people in my life will be with me.

ok... I'm crying now.

I'll leave you with that.


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