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Monday, 29 July 2013

Colourful Kids Bath

Hey all!

So I last left you talking about the blogs that I was looking at for inspiration.  If you follow along on Facebook page, then you know that I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and adding colour into my new house to spice things up (I've always been a neutral girl).  I don't know if it's a mid-life crisis or what, but it's cheaper than a car.

So, this weekend I spent quite a bit of time painting, and my hand now resembles a claw.  Ooooww. I'll show you the rest soon.

First last start with what the kids bathroom looked like when we moved in.

Before - previous owners stuff

So what started this slight makeover, was that towel rack above the toilet!

It was not practical at all.  Three kids use this bathroom on a daily basis and none of them, were putting those towels back the way they were supposed to be. I was constantly going in to check whether towels were on the floor, in the sink, or in the tub.  Yes, REALLY!!

So I  mentioned to hubs that I wanted to remove the builder-basic towel rack and toilet paper holder and while I was out picking up a new towel ring and paper holder, I came home to find this.

Lovely right! 

The towel rack was glued/siliconed on to the wall, and it ripped the top layer of drywall off the wall! 

I forgot to take pics of toilet paper holder, but the same thing happened!

Let's just say, I quickly ran to make sure we had the paint in storage to fix our little problem. Although I'm not in love with the bright green colour, everyone that has seen it, say they love it and that I should worked with it.  So my lazy self has obliged... for now. 

I didn't bother taking pics of how I fixed the torn drywall, but Sherry did a post about it last week.  

It was basically the same process of the patch job that I did. 

So in the end, this is what we have now...

I picked up the shower curtain from Target.  It's Threshold™ Large Ikat Print Shower Curtain.
It's funky and bright. I think I paid $19.99 for it on sale.

This print was picked up in the Algarve, Portugal about 5 years ago.
I've never had a place for it, until now.

I think the colours in the picture match perfectly with the wall and the shower curtain.

I picked up this towel ring from Home Sense for $9.99 and the hand towel from Target for a couple of dollars. I bought two towels actually, one for the ring and one for when that towel is in the wash.
I like back ups. 

This is the matching toilet paper holder.  I went with the slip-on type holder, so that I don't hear the "but I don't know how to replace the toilet paper".  Easy peasy, lemon squeaky. And yes I folded the toilet paper to make it look pretty, and no, I don't expect the kids to do it every time they use it.

 And to add some bling to the room I picked up this fun soap dispenser  for a couple of dollars at Homesense (it matches the colours in the room).

And to solve our "towel" issue, I added three hooks to a piece of wood we had in the basement and then hung it up.  I may add the kids names above the hooks... maybe.

 You can see it behind the door. I picked up the hooks in a 5 pack at Rona.

And because I love a before - after.... here you go.



So what do you think?  Should I keep the bright green colour or go to my safe neutral- beige colour. It's only paint after all.

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Paint colour:

Shower curtain and towels:

 Target - Threshold™ Large Ikat Print Shower Curtain

Towel ring and toilet paper holder:

Home Sense


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