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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hi ya!

Hi Ya!

Remember me?  It's me Jovi!

Mom's busy with the move into the new house right now and ignoring me, so I've hijacked her newly fixed computer!  He he I hope I don't break it again.

Wanna see some pictures of me?  Of course you do!

This is how I looked a few months ago...

Ain't I cute?

And this is how I look now...

I'm usually lounging on the couch.  See... 

Lounging is my favourite thing to do.

I might be bigger now, but I still love to cuddle with my sister Haley.

I'm 8 months old now and I'm about 84 lbs.  

Mom, says I'm gaining about 11 pounds a month. What can I say, I'm big boned!

oh oh... I hear someone coming, so I have to get off the computer.

I'll tell mom to post pics of the new house soon.

Actually, never mind, come back tomorrow and I'll post the pictures myself. Cause she'll busy with the moving trucks moving the furniture to the new house.  I'm gonna miss this house... {sigh}

Bark at you soon,


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