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Monday, 22 July 2013


This year, Anthony had 3 birthday parties for his seventh birthday.  And yes, there was cake and gifts at each one of his parties, which he will proudly tell you about. Yeap, were crazy!

Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.


Well, ever since he was born we have had a pool party for his birthday.  It was cheap and easy to entertain 10+ rambunctious (usually) boys.  So, we figured, since this would be our last Anthony birthday at our Somerset house, we decided... pool party it would be.  The only problem, was that we had to be out of the house by end of June and Anthony's birthday was not for a few more weeks.  So we decided to have the party mid-June, so that he could still have a pool party and invite all of his school friends over.  Of course that week, as the Saturday approach, the weather man was predicting a big thunderstorm for the time period we were having the party.  In previous years, I would just would have brought the party indoors, but this year my house was packed to the hills with boxes.

Thankfully, the rain held off for about two hours after the last guest left and a good time was had by all.

No time for posing, the kids were constantly on the move.

Anthony surrounded by his girlfriends...  friends who are girls and his best friend Andrew.

The entire group.


On Anthony's actual birthday, I was overseas, but I had enough time to go out and get him a gift and I gave it to the girls to give to him on his actual birth day.  The only problem, was that one day, while Anthony was looking for his soccer shin pads and shoes, he came across a gift bag with Star Wars Lego and Lego Ninjago kits inside.  The girls tried to throw him off by saying the gift was for someone else, but he says he knew it was for him, he just pretended to believe them.

So for his actual birth day birthday party, Anthony, the girls, and his dad  and his grannie went to Eastside Mario's restaurant for dinner.  The staff gave him a birthday brownie and the restaurant sang happy birthday to him.  He also finally got his lego gift, as well as gifts from his grannie.
(No pics for this party, since the main family photographer was overseas ;) )


With us having his friends party early, and me missing his actual birth day, I needed wanted to have a"family party" for him.  So while I was still in Portugal, I started to plan another birthday party, where we could invite his uncles and aunts and cousins over to celebrate.  So that's what we had this past weekend.

Of course, there was cake and lots of presents.  My brother and sister and their spouses and kids, live a few hours away, so it was nice to have them over to our new house.  There was no theme, or fancy invitations.  It was very casual, which is all I had the time to plan for.

There was some lunch, some cake, some presents and then a quick run to a nearby splash pad with the little ones while the dads stayed behind to watch t.v.

Here are some pics...

Anthony and his cousin.

Who needs a pool, when you have sprinklers. ;)

This is Anthony with his two cousins and my cute sister-in-law 
with a teeny tiny baby-bump in the back.

(in case you are wondering the image on the cake is a golf course... hence the 18... you know 18 holes.)

So, tell me, any other crazies out there that have 3 parties for their child? Really, just me?  ;)

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