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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Adding Colour in the Powder Room

This must be my week to show you my bathroom updates, because today I have the Powder Room.

So this bathroom was rocking the beige before I took aim at it with my painting wand.

Like I've said before I love my neutrals but this beige was giving me a serious case of the hives.

This update actually took place a few weeks ago, but I forgot to share with you.  Since I didn't really want to spend a whole lot of money on this update, I went to my stash of leftover paints and picked out a bunch and mixed them together.  I think I mixed left over paint from the mudroom re-do in our old house and a couple other little bits hanging out.  I didn't know if it was going to turn out, but I figured I hadn't spent any money so it was worth a try.  I gave myself quite the work out shaking up the can.  I suppose I could have taken it to a paint store to have it shaken, but it was late in the day and I didn't want to change out of my pyjamas.

The colour turned out to be a bluish grey colour and it brings out the bluish grey veins in the granite counter top perfectly.  I couldn't planned it better if I tried.

I'm accesorizing it with green, because I desperately wanted to hang up a water colour painting that Sydney painted at the Museum London on a class trip when she was 10 years old.  I think it was the first original art we ever owned (then and now).

And here is the entire room, or as much as I can get from the hallway without getting myself into the picture.  It's a very small room with no window and it's located between the basement and first floor.

Here is a side-by-side picture to show you the subtle change the colour makes. (the before shot was the previous owners stuff in it.)

I would still like to replace the light fixture, but I'm happy with the way the room turned out.

So, tell me, have you ever mixed a bunch of paints together and had it turn out looking good?
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