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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Adding Razza-ma-taz to the Bathroom

So the kids are all off at school now.  Only one chaotic snafoo yesterday with Anthony not getting on the school bus at the end of day and no one at the school knowing where he was, but other than that everything else went smoothly.

So now onto working on my House List.

A couple of weeks ago I went into Home Depot to pick something up and walked out with a light fixture, which was totally unplanned for.  I bought it and then told hubby that he would like it.  But when he asked me "for where?" I said "for the house".  I have to admit I had no plan for it, but I liked it!  I really did!

So anyhow... I've mentioned my hatred of the many MANY boob lights in this house once or twice. And I knew I had many rooms to choose from.

So here it is...

Hampton Bay Razzari Collection 2-Light Chrome Oval Pendant

The original price of the fixture was $159.00, but of course I got it on super clearance for $37.00!!!

I may or may have not ran out of store screaming "start the car! start the car!"

Here's the proof of sticker on the box (cause I'm cool like that).

So then, I had a pretty light fixture and no plan for it. But I needed to come up with a plan fast, or hubby would never let me live down my great purchase with no purpose! Or (gasp) make me return it (gasp)!

I actually walked from room to room holding the box to see where it might look the best in.

I thought of putting it in girl's bedroom, but I thought it might interfere with their occasional pillow fights.  >:(

Anthony's bedroom was out of question for obvious blingy-girly reasons.

My final thought was the master ensuite bathroom.

So, I told hubby my plan and then asked him to kindly hang it up for me, because me electricity don't mix.

Sorry but I realized after the light was up that the old boob light never made it into any of the original house tour pictures, but you can get the idea from looking at the lights in the other rooms.

So here is my lovely bathroom light fixture now.

 I love to hear the sound of the "capiz shells" when there is a breeze from the open windows.

I think it just pretties up the room now and I can't wait to lay in that tub and enjoy a quiet moment in a prettier room.

So tell me, have you ever pick up something for a great price with no plan for where it will go?

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