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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bar Cart

Last Friday, I hinted about a purchase that I made that I was really excited about, and then yesterday I told you about some art that I had made.  Well, today, I will show you the entire thing.

If you guessed that my little purchase was a bar cart, then you were right!

There is a funny story, behind this bar cart purchase.  I had been stalking it at Goodwill for about 1 week befor I bought.  I came home and showed a few examples to hubby, here, here, and here.

He liked the idea of storing all of our booze stuff in one place, 
but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money (it was $20). 

It seemed that every where I looked, my favourite bloggers had a bar cart.  So I waffled back and forth, but I kept seeing the bar cart in the store when I stop in.  It was calling to me.  Until one day when I walked into Goodwill and the price had dropped on it. hmmm...

It was down to $5.00!!  I've seen them on websites for about $100- $300.  So I went over and checked it out to see how sturdy it was.  It was wobbly. And when I tried to move it.  When the wheels fell off, I heard a voice from behind me,  "Well I guess you bought it now." I turned around to see the sweetest looking old guy standing their with his cane.   So I did what any girl would do and said "I guess I did, smiled and grabbed the price ticket, went and paid for it.  I guess you can say the old guy made the decision for me.  Of course in my head I was thinking I just bought a dud and made a $5 donation to Goodwill. 

So I paid for it, and drove around to the pick-up door to pick up my purchase.  Through the doors, I could see the clerk wheeling the bar cart down the aisle towards the glass doors.  And the wheels fell off.  At this point, I pretty much wanted to drive away and leave it behind.  But I waited for the clerk to pick up all the pieces that had fallen off and carry the cart towards where I waiting.  He apologized and handed me the cart which was now in pieces.

So are you still with me?  At this point I was convinced I had picked a broken piece of you-know-what.  But, being stubborn, I dragged all the pieces into the house, grabbed the tool box, and put it all back together.  As it turns out, all it needed was to tighten all the screws.  It is solid now.  No wobbling at all.  I mean, I still wouldn't be wheeling it around the house, but it's quite sturdy.

I cleaned it all up and added all the boozy stuff that we had on hand, and I'm in love with it.  I'm not a drinker at all, but I like having everything organize in one spot.

Above it, I added some art work Haley made years ago, my smile art and some scrapbooking paper that   ties in all the colours.  I'm working on something for the other side of the dining room and will show you next week.  Just waiting for paint to dry.  

So for $5,  I added colour to a blank area of my dining room.

Before - After
In the end, I'm glad the old guy was there to "force" me to buy the bar cart, cause I think it looks lovely.

So what do you think? Would you have bought it right away or waited for a sweet old man to "make" you buy it? Or do you think it's much 1980's look?

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