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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Going Bolder

When I revealed my foyer with it's bold black colour, something still didn't sit right with me.  The table wasn't working for me.  I've been looking for a replacement for that table for awhile, but could never find anything I could afford liked.  In one of the comments, someone made a suggestion, and a light bulb went off.


I've been having a love affair with green lately and even started a Pinterest Board, just because I'm so into it right now.  
Green and gold and black. What's not to love.

Do you remember what the space looked like when we moved in?  Here's a reminder.
It was boring beige with no personality and a lovely boob light (which is still there by the way).

I picked up the table at The Bombay Company on super clearance about 7 or 8 years ago.
When we re-did our kitchen in the last house 6 years ago, the table fell one day, and cracked. 


So the poor thing had been living in our basement after that.

Here's a progression picture of the foyer area, what it looked like when we first moved in, and now.

I think it's pretty darned funky and completely out of my comfort zone, but I like it.

Here's one final shot... just because I love it so.

What do you think of green? Love it or hate it? Would you have taken the chance and painted an old table?

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