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Monday, 16 September 2013

How to add the Pinterest Pin Button on your Blog

Hey all!

So last week's not feeling well, turned into a doozy of a migraine over the weekend. (Eating half a large  bag of Smartfood popcorn might have something to do it.) Anyways, I didn't get any painting done in the master bedroom  like I had planned, 'cause I was too busy "trying not to move." But I will be doing that this week, I hope. hmmm... or maybe it was that green that gave me the migraine.

Anyways I added a little Pinterest Pin button to the images on my blog and I wanted to share it with you.

Let me preface this with "I don't know what the heck I'm doing when it come to blog design.  But I'm trying and I'm smart enough to look up people who know what the heck they they are doing." And now, that I got that off my chest, on with this post.

Over the last little while I've noticed that some of my fave bloggers had a pin button over the gorgeous pictures on their blogs.

Kind of like this.... (put your cursor over the picture below).

Did you see the "PIN IT" button appear?

Go ahead try it again... I'll wait.

So here's how I added Pin Button to my Blogger blog. These instructions are directly from Pinterest.

(At the bottom of this post I include links to smarter people, with their instructions.)

1.  I went to my already created Pinterest account... and signed in.

2.  On the plus sign beside my name (that turns into a red box when I put my cursor on it) red box is a drop down menu like below.

3.  Click on the last item on menu "The Pin it button".  It says it is "the easiest way to pin things from around the web." It truly was!! Super easy!

4.   Next up you have to look for  the following.  Scroll about half way down your page until you find it. And then click on the "Pin it" button that they have circled.

5.  At this point you can go through and read all of the awesome information they have on there.  I was only interested on the "pin it" button for my images, so I went straight for the widgets.

On the left hand side of your screen... you will see the following. Pick Widget Builder.

6.  You will now have to choose what you want from the list below.  They have quite a variety of choices.

7. Once you have picked the widget you want to add (in my case the "image hover") click through to get your code with instructions on where to place it on your template html script.

Then you save the template again, go back to your live blog.  And your widget should be there, (in my case "Pin It" button).

Let's look at the pretty picture again, shall we?

(Feel free to pin this picture of a little vignette in my office area. Can't wait to show you the entire area)

Well, I hope that helped (a little). Or did I confuse you even more? I hope not.

Here are some super smart chicks who KNOW what they are talking about.

  • Blogger Sentral - she also gives you a links for cool Pinterest icons.
  • Kevin and Amanda -This one, gives you infor on it for adding it to a self-hosted Wordpress blog.
  • Code it Pretty - She gives you the pros and cons for the different buttons. 

So what did you guys think of having the "Pin It" buttons pop up over an image when you hover over the image?  Does it make it easier to pin things or just annoy the patootie out of you? 

Here's my Pinterest link to follow me.  Shameless I know! ; )

I'm linking up here!

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