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Monday, 2 September 2013

It's the day before...

Hey Hey Hey!

It's labour day today and you know what that means? Tomorrow the kids go back to school.  Yay!

AND... I get my life back!

Routine!  I thrive on routine! I flourish! And, oh so do my kids!

I loved having my kids around all summer (I really did) but I have to admit, I get a little lazy! They get lazy, too.  And when they get lazy, they start whining. Which then gets me mad. Which then turns into an ugly scene.  AND that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Anyhow, in the summer, my word is LESS.

Less sticking to bed time routines .  Less running around.  Less hurrying.  Less stress.

But then, on the other hand...

I tend to clean less. I tend to write less to-do lists.  I tend to plan less.

But with the kids back to school... I consider it a new year, and I make New Year's resolutions.  Of course like typical New Years resolutions I completely expect my resolutions go out the window in about 8 weeks, but let's pretend they won't... mmmkay?

So here we go, my New Year's Resolutions (for School Year 2013-2014). In no particular order.

  1. Plan out my day.  I will spend  10 minutes before bed planning out my todo list for the next day.
  2. Spend 1/2 hour EVERY DAY cleaning the house.  Maybe embrace the laundry pile (this one is a big one for me). I need to re-visit the Flylady website. A few years ago when Anthony was first born, she really helped me get my house in order.
  3. Hang up pictures in the house.    It's not really about hanging pictures, but more about getting a handle on everything that needs to be done around the house decorating-wise. I drowning in a a sea of builder-beige, and I don't know how much more I can take. lol
  4. Declutter.  Over the past two years I have been on a mission to declutter and simplify.  We got rid of so much before our move, but I still think we could get rid of so much more.
  5. Organize our Finances.  It's been almost a year since hubby lost his job.  Although, financially we've been doing o.k. , it's time to get a handle on our finances, and set a budget again.  The hard part is not having a steady paycheck going into the account and not really knowing what next's month's income will be.  Need to do some research on how to budget for this.

So that's it for me.  Just 5 Resolutions.

(If you notice, I did not make any diet plans this year, because I make those on December 31st... and then typically break them by Valentine's Day/! lol.)

So all this starts tomorrow, because today is Labour Day and we're having some friends over for some laughs.  Before they come over, I have to make sure, the kids have their school bags ready for tomorrow.

And for all the little ones going back to school tomorrow... Good luck!

And for the parent... Congratulations you survived another summer break!! Yay you!

So tell me... Anyone else excited about the start of the school year tomorrow? 

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