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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Master Bedroom Inspiration

They say, that the master bedroom is always the last room that gets any decor attention.  Probably because it's not the first room people see when they come into your home.

In my last house, our bedroom never got any decor love, because I was focusing my attention on all of the other rooms.

Well, this time, I'm going to make sure that the "master quarters will get some love".  And by master quarters, I mean the bedroom and bathroom, in case you thought we had an entire wing for ourselves. :)

So this past weekend, I sat at the computer and looked around for some inspiration.

Do you remember what this room looks like?

Yes, that is a whole lot of green going on isn't? It's the same colour as in the kids bathroom.  I can deal with it in a bathroom but not my bedroom where I go to relax and get away.

This Benjamin Moore colour - Coventry Gray, is pretty close to the current bed linens.  I don't want to buy a new duvet cover, but I might splurge and get us a new duvet this year.  Any recommendations?

Opposite the bed is a dresser that I bought about 5 years ago at a garage sale for $50.  It is SOLID wood.

This finishis a little scratched up ( I think it was already on my bought it), so I don't mind covering up that wood... and maybe getting rid of that ancient t.v. ?!?!?

Here is my inspiration...

I came accross this picture on line (not sure from where), and it is very similar to my dresser.

The bedside tables are from a set that my parent bought me when I got my first apartment.  The bed frame is long gone, and one of the dressers lives in the girls room and the other I gave to my brother and his family.

I think if I remove one of the drawers and paint it black and new hardware, it will work for a little while longer for us.

Here is what I'm thinking it kind of will look like , except in black.


The things that are staying is the Bed (it's the Bedford bed and we bought it earlier this year), the blinds, and the bed linens.  I'm considering replacing the curtains, but don't have a clue with what yet.  They need to be able to block out morning soon.  Those precious extra minutes of sleeping in the morning don't need to be interrupted by Mr. Sun shining down on me.

So that is what I have so far for the master Bedroom inspiration. Baby steps right?  I just want to get rid of the green already! Off to the paint store I go!

So what do you think?  Should I bother with the side tables, or just look for new ones?

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