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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Painting Around Toilet Tanks

Hey all!

Someone  (my sister) asked me how I painted around the toilet bowl without getting paint on it.

So I thought I'd share in case any one else wondered.

Here is the bathroom that I had to do it for.

And here is my tip to paint behind the toilet tank and not getting paint on it...

Yeap, I put a large garbage kitchen bag over it.  I was able to squeeze the paint roller right behind it and not worry about getting paint on the toilet tank.

Genius I know!

Anyhow, I'm sure you probably already knew this, but someone (my sister) didn't, so I figure someone else out there doesn't either and if I can help just one person, my job is done.  lol Whom am I kidding?  Moving on.

Any other painting tips I should be aware since I'm in full painting mode??

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