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Monday, 30 September 2013



How was your weekend?  We went out yesterday to the pumpkin patch.  Hubby and the kids wanted a 200 pound pumpkin but I stood my ground and let them get a little one.  After all, I'll be the one that has to move it after it's done it's time on the front porch.

I've noticed that some of my fave bloggers do monthly recaps, and I love to read them because there seems to always be something i've missed.

So lucky you, I'm going to start doing them too because I have a bunch of new readers (welcome by the way!).

So this what I've been up to in September.

Phew.  Although, I didn't think I had done very much, I actually did quite bit {pats back}.

Do you do monthly re-cap? I would love to see yours. 
Post link in comments please.

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