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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The New House Plan - The List

So yesterday I talked about making resolutions for the New Year (which for me is actually the school year).

One of the things that I talked about was getting the pictures up, or more specifically making a plan for the house.  I went around the house and took a picture of each room with our stuff in it and started a plan.  Of course, the plan will evolve and change over time, but this at least gives me a direction of where I want to go.  I'm focusing all of efforts on the First Floor and Second Floor, over time I may share the Basement, but at this point it is not a priority, and will probably remain builder-basic-beige.
Oh... and please excuse any picture frames you may see laying around. You might also notice that alot of the points end in a question, well that is because I haven't decided what to do, but at least now I'm thinking about them. Oh, and I also did not clean before I took the pictures, so excuse some of the messes.

So here we go:
The First Floor

- Entry (o% Complete)

  • Privacy solution for the front door 
  • replace light fixtures
  • replace mirror
  • paint walls
  • paint door black?
  • paint bench?
  • bench cushion
  • replace vase with sticks with a plant?

- Living Room (0% Complete)

 To - do:
  • Decide whether the wallpaper is staying or going.  I found this particular pattern at Rona a it was about $40 per roll, so the previous owners spent some money on this, but do I love it?
  • Art behind the sectional
  • Pillows
  • The tables disappear with the dark sectional, should I paint them?

 To - do:
  • Keep the bookcase or replace it with a small side table?
  • Curtains
  • The t.v. cabinet is too small for the t.v., look for a replacement.
  • Paint the walls?

 - Dining Room ( 0% Complete)

To- do:
  • Paint
  • Recover the chairs
  • Too many mirrors... maybe other art work in room?
Kitchen (5% complete)

To- do:
  • Paint
  • Finish desk and shelves
  • bench under window
  • Pantry beside window
  • New Island with drawers and seating for three.
  • paint cabinets white?

Second Floor

Girls Bedroom (0% complete)

To- do:
  • Remove previous owners owl decals from behind mirror
  • Paint the dark bed, so they match
  • remove shelves
  • Art for above girls beds
  • matching bed side lamps
  • Area rug between the beds
  • paint the room, with maybe a different colour behind the girls beds

To- do:
  • Paint
  • Install fan window covering (it's a half moon window that gets a lot of sun most of day!)
  • New curtains? lined?
  • bench cushions
  • Paint the chairs white to match desks
  • Organize the bookcases

Office Area (0% complete)

(This is one hot mess!!)

To- do:
  • Proper desk
  • New chair! (that's embarrassing)
  • Shelves above desk

Anthony's Room (0% complete)

 (cute dog in pic, needs to be learn to stay off the beds)

To- do:
  • Paint
  • Shelves/desk for toy area
  • Declutter toys (before Christmas comes)
  • Art for above bed! (maybe the world map?)
 - Kids Bathroom (95% complete)

(You can see here what I did with it shortly after moving in)

To - do:
  • New vanity light fixture
  • Board and batten/ chair rail to tame the green?
 - Master Bedroom (0% Complete)

To- do:
- Master Bathroom - (0%complete

To- do:
So that is my list so far. Our house is about 9 years old and as you can see most of the rooms are builder-beige (other than the two Kermit the Frog ones).  Although I love my neutrals, the beige is getting to me too.  I see alot of painting in my near future.

I don't really think this will be our forever home, so we I really don't want to make any drastic expensive changes to it, like we did in our last house. But having said that, I do want to make it ours.

So tell me, from the list that I made so far, any suggestions ?

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