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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

DIY: Sparkly Winter Wreath

With the move this summer, somehow my Christmas wreath disappeared.  It was just a green wreath form that I have used to DIY over and over for a bunch of years.  I'm wondering if I donated it or something on one of my many decluttering rampages prior to the move.  I don't know.

So what is a girl to do when you want a pretty wreath on your door, but you  don't want to get out of your pyjamas to drive to store because it is so  darn cold outside?

Well, you make one.

Problem # 1: I didn't have a wreath form. That put a damper in my plans.

Solution: I hunted around and found a couple of wire hangers and some green garland.

Problem # 2: Bookie the cat likes garland. >:(

Solution: I moved him (I know rocket scientist here).

So once the kitty was otherwise occupied, I undid the hangers and then made a circle out of the two of them.

And then I wrapped the garland around and through the circle I made.  Of course my little supervisor was always around wanting "to help". >:(

Once I had wrapped my garland around the form I fluffed the branches until I was positive my wreath form was fluffy enough.

I then looked through my Christmas hoard stash and found a Christmas tree topper that I had bought at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $1.00. (it had a tag for 14.95 on it from whatever store it was originally purchased from.

I tore off the bottom part and then hot glued it onto my wreath form. I looked around some more and found some sparkly Christmas picks and glued those on too. And then made a pretty bow from some left over ribbon.

And ta-da... I have a Sparkly Winter Wreath!

I love that it's simple and sparkly.  It looks like there are beads of ice on the tips.

Since I had everything from years and years of hoarding, it cost me nothing to make it.  Well, I guess $1.00, since I know I purchased the tree topper this year.

Isn't she pretty?  Looks like a winter bride doesn't it? (just nod and agree with me)


If you are looking for more wreath inspiration check out this wreath blog hop that is going on from 14 fellow Canadian bloggers.  Such talent.

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