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Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday Five

Happy November!

I guess I took a little unintended vacay from blog after Haley's surgery.  In case you are wondering, her surgery went fine, although she did get a bit of an infection that was quickly cleared up with antibiotics. Me on the other hand, is slowly recuperating from TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome).  After about two months of popping pills, one day I realized I couldn't take a deep breath, couldn't move my arms, my hands were numb and weak and I had a sharp pain in my chest.  First thought, heart attack (I don't even know if those are the proper symptoms or not).  Anyways I made an appointment to go see the doctor and in the end this is what I was told I had, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  I'm feeling much better now, although at times, it still hurts to take a deep breath.

But now, unto my Friday Five!

1.  Halloween at my house this year consisted of a Vampire, A witch and the Incredible hulk.  Of course, like the mother of the year that I am, I forgot to take proper pics, so these ones are courtesy of my cell phone pic posts from Facebook.  Only Anthony and Haley wore their costumes trick or treating, and wore orange and black to school.  Sydney on the other hand wore costume to school and then stayed home to hand out candy and do homework.  It was a crazy rainy windy day in our area, but we still managed to stay out for an hour.  I was completely drenched when we got home and my running shoes are still drying off.

2. I've been getting quotes to add more storage to my kitchen.  So far, I haven't been able to match the cabinet perfectly, although I might have found the original supplier for the builder of our kitchen.  So I might be getting close. I want a desk in the kitchen and I came accross this pic From Commona - my House, that shows EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

Commona - My House

Oh and this kitchen island too. Maybe not so many drawers though!

3.  This pumpkin Recipe has been made twice in my house in the past two weeks.  So moist and so yummy! I want to think it's healthy too because of the pumpkin, but the sugar kind blows that theory out of water. (Sorry cell phone pic again  - check out Inspired room for better pic!)

4.  We all had tears running down our faces from this video.   I love Ellen!

5.  I asked my friends on Facebook, if it was ok to put up Christmas decorations now that Halloween was done.  I was promptly reminded of Remembrance Day. So I'm starting mine on November 12th.  So I'm wondering, when do you put your's up?

I will be back next week with regular blog posting and sharing two teens birthdays!

Have a great weekend! Stay warm!


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