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Thursday, 7 November 2013

So far this month...

Remember last week, when I went on about my bad shoulder? And how much pain I had been in for about two months?  And how much better I was feeling?  And how I was looking forward to getting some things done around here?

Famous last words.  Shoulder-feeling-better-my-patootie.

Monday night I was on my way to the basement to check on the cat food and stuff and I lost my footing on the top step and then tumbled down the stairs.  With my arms flailing trying to grab at the imaginary hand rail, my foot went out from under me and my thigh hit the step at a perfect angle to leave a lovely black bruise and I slipped down to the bottom of the carpeted stairs, all while trying to stop myself with my bad arm/shoulder.  And to add insult to injury I got to the bottom step and bent my ankle in an awkward way and then slammed my head on the step. Somehow in my attempt to stop my fall I also twisted and turned my lower back the wrong way. Good times!  Good times!

Yes, I'm a mess once again.  Ice and heat and drugs have been my bestest friend this week... again.  Oh and of course, hubby is away on business trip, so guess who gets to walk the big puppy? Twice a day. Sometimes in the rain.  Trying to stop the big puppy from jumping on the nice-old-lady-walking-tiny-dog and meanwhile still trying to keep the umbrella from turning inside out, I'm sure has been quite the sight.

But, so you don't think I'm a big complaining klutz, I actually did something before my fall.  I painted the master bedroom. But earlier today I went to take pictures and my camera battery was dead, and now it's charged but it's too dark to take decent pics.  whomp whomp whomp.  Just when you thought I'd end this post on a positive note, I didn't.  Oh well.

Anyhow I'm taking some drugs and going to bed because...

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