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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Turn on your imagination with Imaginext Adventures and a Contest (Canada only)- #ImaginextAdventures

There is nothing sweeter than listening to your children play.  Using their imagination and creating all sorts of scenarios that only children can come up with and get away with.  There is still that innocence about them, that in their imagination anything is possible.

I remember when my girls were little and I loved listening to them as they played with their dolls and barbies.  Since Haley is younger than Sydney by two years, Sydney was always the "director" in their playtime.  One thing that still stands out in my mind is that they  would be playing and I would overhear Sydney say to Haley " and then you said..." and then Haley would repeat whatever she said.  After awhile though, Haley caught on that she had her own mind and would say whatever she wanted to say, so an argument would always ensue. then barbies would go flying.  Many times I would overhear them say lines  as pretend parents that their father or I would use on them.  My favourite was always "because I said so!"

They are 15 and 13 now, It feels like sooo long ago since, my girls stopped really playingsiiiigggghhh

But now, I get to listen to Anthony during his playtime.  With Anthony it's all about the super heroes and rescuing someone or something from iminent danger.  And there seems to always be a paper airplane in the mix too.

It's very rare that I see all three of my kids play together anymore.  It's mostly Anthony and Haley that still play together.

So when I saw this happening this weekend, my heart swelled with pride.  Let me give you some backstory though.

We recently received the Fisher-Price - Imaginext Rescue City Center to play with. 
We were pretty excited to get to try it out. *  
We brought it over to a friends house to share with them.  
Our friends boys are 7 and 8 years old.

 This toy is recommended for children aged 3-8, which Anthony and his friends were at the top end of age range.  Yet, it kept them busy for over an hour.  Of course there was food involved as well.

I loved that there was enough room for them to all play together. 

The Rescue City Center Features a Gas Pump, Fire Station, Police Station, Hospital.
  • Theres is a currency exchange with a figure disk activation that will either open the vault in back or drop down a gate blocking the front door and a hotel with a jewelry store on the first floor.
  • The hospital has an elevator, lobby an X-Ray machine and an operation table.
  • The police station features a jail door that operates via turn disk. 
  • The fire station has a pop open front door that is activated via a turn disk on the sidewalk. This will also unlock the “ActionTech” Technology that allows this playset to magically communicate with other accessories. The Fire Truck which comes with the playset also features this technology and will unlock the dispatcher once activated.
  • One other turn disk activates “flames” that pop up inside the hotel! You can put the fire out with the projectile water blob from the fire truck.
  • It comes with two figures, fire truck, satellite dish, antenna, parking meter, street light, axe, fire hydrant and flag for the bank. 

The kids played a variety of roles: bad guys, cops, fire fighters.  The city was very interactive.

Once we got home, I set up the city on our dining room table and Anthony sat down to play some more. 

At one point I heard this conversation:

"Hey Chief! What are you doing up there?"

"I'm waiting for instructions on what to do next! And... can someone bring me my underpants?"

I looked over to see what was happening and laughed at that one. I'm assuming "Chief" didn't have any underpants on?!?!  ;)

The best part for me was when I saw my three kids playing with the toy.  Of course the older two were just being nozy at first.  Anthony loved to play with his sisters and getting the attention from them. He had fun showing his sisters, the trap doors and the fire truck that shoots water at the building and all of the other cool gadgets.

Their vision is to inspire & empower kids through imaginative play that helps them build confidence, solve problems & discover who they are.

I would agree that this toy did just that!

You can Check out the World of Imaginext® with Ed Venture and his friends.

There is a contest going on right now until December 13, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET and it is open to residents of Canada only.

So are you ready to turn on the Adventure??

* - “Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Imaginext Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”
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