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Monday, 23 December 2013

A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear younger Bette,

Now that I'm older and maybe wiser, these are a few things that I would say to you, if i could go back in time.

1.  Respect your parents. When you are older they will be your best friends.  You don't realize it now, but them wanting you in the house before the street lights come on, was to keep you safe and not to ruin your social life. And you will do the same to your teenage daughters.
2.  Focus on school! Staying up late to watch the New Kids on the Block or Menudo  videos, is not gone do anything for your exams in the morning.   Oh and by the way, I'm pretty sure you will not be marrying (or dating) any of the members, especially Jonathan Knight.
3. Stop eating junk food.  Don't think that just because you are 5'3 and 114 lbs.  and  eating french fries with gravy and chicken burgers almost every day for lunch you will stay that weight forever.  Although you hurt yourself when you play sports, give it a try because one day, you will NEED to work out to loose weight.  Ask me how I know this?!  >:(
4.  Stop putting "Sun-in" in your hair to make it go blonde.  All you are doing is killing the follicle, and one day you will have to spend alot of money to cover the grey. Again, ask me how I know this.
5.  Appreciate the older family members that annoy you now, because before you know it, they won't be around.
6.  Embrace the cold and snow, you will one day move to the Snowbelt region. And you thought Portugal was cold in the winter.
7.  When your 14 and everyone thinks you look older, this will not be a good thing when you are over 40! Trust me!
8.  Elvis really is dead!
9.  No really, he is!
10.  Appreciate every day, because it is a gift!

Oh and by the way, Happy 13th Anniversary of your 29th Birthday!

Love ya,

Older Bette (42 to be exact)

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