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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Goodbye My Friend

Those who followed along with my previous blog, would have known that a friend of mine had a terrible accident two years ago.  I wrote a post about it.

Here is a snippit from that post...

"Those who know me in real life, will have heard me speak of my friend Tracy.  Tracy and I met in 1995 when we were both in our first "real" job after college and university.  She was the first person that introduce herself that fateful day in May of 1995. She sat at the next cubicle beside me.  We started each morning with a chit - chat about the previous evening or the weekend.  That summer we spent a lot of time hanging out together. I remember that she came out drinking with my roommate and I, and then slept over that night, with a couple of cats sleeping by her pillow.  The next morning I noticed her eyes red and swollen, and her face blotchy and red, and she told us she was allergic to cats.  Oooops! We laughed about it, cause she couldn't have driven home anyways. That summer she nominated me for Social Committee member,  and then appointed herself as "campaign manager".  Little did I know what that meant.  She then arranged the Communications/Marketing Dept guys to scan a picture of me and embed the song "Dancing Queen" into an e-mail, that was then sent to every employee in the company (I am not sure if the President got it too or not).  I didn't make it on to the committee but I did end up meeting my future husband."

"In the last couple of years, I became Tracy's virtual assistant.  She says I was the only person she trusted to deal with certain aspects of her life.  I valued that trust that she placed in me. Every time, tax season rolled around, I would get a frantic call from Tracy asking me to make my way to Toronto (two hours away for me) to help her with her taxes.  I always did.  The last time I saw Tracy was last May."  I wrote this post on September 16th, 2011

Well, after a valiant fight over the past two years, Tracy lost her battle on November 27th, 2013.

My heart is broken.  I've cried for Tracy! I've cried for her boys! I've cried for her family!  I've cried for the friend I will never speak to or laugh with again.  I've cried for the regret that I'm living with of not making the  time to go see her this past summer.

Today, I will be making my way into Toronto to say goodbye to Tracy for the last time.

I'm scared.  I don't want to cry.  Tracy wouldn't want us to cry.  She was such a strong, charismatic, and vibrant person.

Today, I'm wearing a pink shirt, because that was her favourite colour.

Pic borrowed from Tracy's Journey Page on Facebook

Since her accident, Tracy became an ambassador for the Rick Hanson Foundation and Rick wrote about her several times. (here and here)  In lieu of flowers, Tracy and her family has asked that we make donation to the Rick Hanson Foundation.  I certainly will be doing that.

One of the last things that Tracy said to her family before passing was to "keep telling her story."  I know I will always remember my friend as the one who refused to give up and leave her family.  If you'd like to read more about her you can go to her website.


Thank-you for the all the fun times, for the advice, for the support you gave me for the past 18 years.  Thank-you for being my friend.  

My life is forever changed for having known you!

Love you always,

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