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Monday, 16 December 2013

Our Favourite Things: Board Games

This time of year, every where you look people are talking about their favourite things to give and receive.  One of the our favourite things to give as a family gift to other families with kids are board games. At our house we love our board games and we like to have "family game night" a couple of times a month.  And sometimes the t.v. noise gets to be too much and I tell the kids to get out a game and play for at least 30 minutes.  Keep in mind that my kids ages range from 7-15, so if their younger kids in the family, these might not apply

I thought I'd share some games that get pulled out often at our house and that we have gifted to others in the past.

1.  BLOKUS: This is a game that is meant for two people.  Anthony (7 years old) loves this game and is always looking for someone to play with.  It encourages creative thinking and has received a Mensa award for promoting healthy brain activity. I like that it has simple rules. 

2. CADOO:  This is another fun game that we like to play. It really gets the kids going.

3. Apples to Apples:  This is a game we have given to few families over the past couple of years. And have even bought them for the toy hamper collections at the schools, church etc.  We've also given it as birthday gifts throughout the year. It's an inexpensive board game that the kids absolutely love.

4.  Monopoly:  This a classic game.  I remember playing this with my brother and cousins when I was young.  A friend gave us the Monopoly Disney Villains last year when they went to Disney as a thank-you for watching their dog. 

5.  Sequence: This is another family favourite.  My brother, sister and I had quite the intense game of this last year.  I had posted a pic on Facebook at one point, but now I can't find it!

6. Pictureka - This is kind of like I Spy type of game.

Bonus: Another gift that we like to give as Family gift are puzzles by Ravensburgh. Below are some of the ones we have in our collection.  For about $20, you can find some great Pictures to put together.  At our house we leave it on our dining room table, and when someone needs some down time they go work on the puzzle.

That is a collection of our favourite games.  We've given these as Birthdays and Christmas gifts, and they are always well-received.  I know at our house we love to receive new games and we play with them often.

Do you have Family Game night at your house?  Do you like to receive board games/or give them?



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