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Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Story

So last week, I was silent on the blog because we were out having fun and enjoying the summer.  It was also the last week for the kids soccer, with a tournament at the end.

At the end of this week (Friday) it will be 16 years ago that I married my sweety.

So last week, I must have been in sentimental kinda mood because I talked hubby into driving to the place where we had our wedding pictures taken... 1 and half hours away. Actually, after potty breaks and stopping for snacks it was more like over 2 hours.

We drove to Websters Falls.  Websters Falls was also one of the first places that hubby went for dates at... hiking.  It must have been love at first sight, because I didn't even own hiking clothes... much less hiking boots.  But I wanted to impress and so I let him drag me off into the woods. And then went back to his apartment and took a two hour nap on the couch.

Anyhow... I wanted to share a different story about Websters Falls, that actually involves my children and I'm assuming someone else's children.

And so starts The Story...

We started on our walk through Webster's Falls.  Right away a spotted the stone bridge.

We took many wedding photos 16 years ago with that bridge in the background.

There is a lovely stream that runs under it.

Those are alot of steps.  to the left of this staircase is beautiful house with a glass wall.

I looked up, and the first thing I noticed was that they had made their bed. lol

I can't even imagine what a beautiful view it would be from up there.

I don't seem to remember ever seeing it before, but hubby says, it's been there a long time, but it looked like it was renovated.

This is one of the many falls in the area.  It's absolutely stunning.  We used to be able to walk underneath it, but apparently the stairs leading down are dangerous now, and the area is closed off.

And then...

At one of the out-of-the way stream areas hubby saw something in the embankment by the stream.  He went down and grabbed it for the kids to look at.

It was a small square plastic box.

The kids found this inside...

"Once upon a time there was beautiful person named Milka.  She decided to go away on an adventure for a while.  The problem was, all the people she would be leaving behind when she was out exploring would miss her terribly.  So one day, in honour of their departing friend, Alexis and Jenelle decided to plan a day for her; a day where she would feel loved and appreciated, "

"and know how much she would be missed.  One of the things they decided to do was place a geocache in the place they had their fun day together.  SO CONGRATULATIONS! You have found it!  The 3 of them are returning it after Milka returns!

* See the attached note from Milka herself on what to do!*

"This is a geocache that holds things that symbolize special moments with special (SUPER SPECIAL) Friends.  So put something in here that can symbolize a cherished moment with those friends.  Take something from here and make new memories with those very important special friends. I love my Luppy and Sampy very dearly. Thank you for loving me.
- M"

"August 2nd, 2013

Milka, Alexis, Jnelle"

"This geocache is to represent friendships and memories that will last a lifetime."

Aahhhhh... a geocache!

This is what was in the box.


There is a small rock in there that says "Tiverton 2013".  I'm assuming the three girls are from Tiverton,?  Or maybe someone before us had already found the box, and left the stone in there. 
I don't know, I can only imagine.

My girls took a card out of the box....

And each left a note.  Haley also left a leaf with the words "Summer 2013".
I wonder if when the box is found if the words on the leaf will be legible.

I don't know, I can only imagine.

Sydney wrote a note too...

"August 5th, 2013
The Creeks!"

And then we signed our names.

When we were all done signing our names, hubby, Haley and Anthony went down the embankment and put the geocache  back. 

Here is a pic of Anthony looking at the stream, with the geocache beside him on the rock.

I asked them to move the box, off the rock and over a bit, so in case rain or wind came along, the box would not be blown away.

We left the box and continued on our hike of the area.

I wonder what the ages of these girls were? Could they be teenagers or 20-somethings? I wonder what the adventure that Milka went on.  I guess we'll never know. I do hope that someone else finds it and leaves Alexis, Milka and Janelle a note as well.

It would be lovely to continue this story...

So tell me have you ever found a geocache? Wouldn't it be fun for your own kids to leave one some where? I think it would be.

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