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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Carbon Monoxide Detectors!!!

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I had another post for today but, if you are a fan of Somerset Lane Facebook Page then you already know the reason for this post.

When I woke up this morning,  I came downstairs to make my coffee and check weather to see whether kids would have a second Snow Day/No school day.  I could hear our cat Bookie, meowing in the basement.  I went down figuring he needed food/water or kitty litter cleaned.  I opened door to furnace door and I "smelled something" foul. I thought I smelled gas.  Cat had food/water and litter was reasonably cleaned but he was still meowing at me. hmmm....

I went back upstairs, and the meowing continued. After my coffee and getting kids settled with breakfast, I went to deal with cat again. I opened the furnace room door and again, smell of gas.

I thought it might be the filter, so I changed it.  I looked at the service dates on furnace/hot water tank, and they said last serviced 2009. We moved in during Summer of 2013 and added "Service Furnace to my list of to-dos." So I decided to call Service company to find out what to do.  I called and was on hold for about 10 minutes or so, standing in furnace room, posting on Facebook with cell phone, calming the cat down, etc.  Meanwhile my mom came down to see what I was up to and she mentioned  the strong smell as well. I then noticed I was feeling light headed. Something went off in my head, I hung up with service company and dialled 911.

The Fire Trucks were here within a few minutes, and the first fireman came to door and immediately said, "I SMELL GAS."

Within minutes my kids were dressed and outside with the dog and my parents, while fireperson gave me oxygen, because my legs went weak and I was still dizzy. 

Someone asked me "do you have CO Detector (carbon monoxide detector)?"

I said "yes! but I don't know where it's plugged in."

Turns out we didn't have CO monitor plugged in, it's still in a box somewhere from our move last summer.
Thank God, there was no CO detected in fireman's portable detector,  however we were minutes away from it.  We had aldehyde, mostly concentrated in the furnace room, which is why I felt dizzy.

The Natural Gas Emergency crew was called. Turns out, two of our furnace pilot lights were out and the gas was coming from there.  The Ambulance technicians that came to check on me, said that they smelled it coming up my drive away. While we stood in driveway every so often we would get a whiff of it and it was strong.  Did I mention the temperatures were -25 celcius and with windchill it was about -40C.  Yeah it was cold.

I managed to find somewhere to take my kids to stay warm, while I dealt with airing out the house, after emergency crew left.  The smell was awful!

I'm also grateful for awesome local blog readers that offered up their home to us. Turns out one of the ladies, lived in our old neighbourhood, but we've never met (at least we don't think so).  Thanks Carla and Kristin!

Oh and by the way, I now have a CO monitor on each floor, and the reading is "O".

Do me a favour and go check/test yours RIGHT NOW!!!

Thanks for reading!

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