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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Organizing: Solving the Powder Room Storage Problem

Hey you guys!

When I showed you my Powder Room update last year one thing that I didn't mention was how it was also my oldest daughter's main bathroom.  She showers in the kids bath, but does everything else in this room.  With three kids getting ready in the morning it works for us.  But since this is also the bathroom that our guests use, I wanted to make sure the room stayed tidy. I was finding she was leaving "her stuff" lying around on the counter.  Not good.  So I thunk and thunk and came up with this little solution.

As you can see the cabinet has no drawers, which I think is standard for builder grade homes.

So I decided to add baskets and drawers on the inside to help her keep everything organized. 

 On the inside is a plastic drawer organizer that we were not using to hold her private "girl" things, and also a magazine holder from dollar store that we've had for years to hold the toilet paper.  I didn't take a picture of the inside of the plastic drawers, but I've added baskets inside to keep items together too.  You can see the little baskets from the outside.

On the doors I add these baskets from IKEA, held up with tiny clear Command Strips. (Command is NOT compensating me for this post by the way. I just used them all the time.)

These baskets on the doors help keep her most often used items more accessible.

Here it is all organized now.  As long as she puts her stuff away, the counter will remain tidy. 

Have you done anything to add extra storage to a storage-less room?  Do tell.


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