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Monday, 20 January 2014

Organizing: Linen Closet

How to organize a closet in 5 easy steps!
I hope you all had a super weekend! We celebrated my nephew's 4th Birthday yesterday! AND I may or may not have snuck away to go to Ikea (after last weeks failed attempt). In my defence I live two hours a way so I need to take advantage when I'm in the area. :)

Back to the reason we are all here... Organizing the Linen Closet.

For me, January is about Decluttering and Organizing! After the excess and crazyness of the Christmas Holidays, I always want to get back to "our normal" and have lighter spaces.  I showed you our powder room organizing project last week, and I'm happy to report that my counters have remained clear and tidy all week and weekend too.

Some areas seem to always get naturally disorganized. For us the Linen Closet was one of them.  It was  always a quick shove in, close doors and run.  Of course it became a problem, in the middle of the night when someone's sick, I need to change the bed linens quickly and can't find what I'm looking for. Does that happen to anyone else?

STEP 1 -  Empty the closet

Take everything out!

I took the opportunity to wipe down the shelves and vaccum the carpet inside the closet.
At this point, you could also paint inside the closet, or the shelves.  Mine didn't need it, so I didn't do it.

STEP 2: Declutter

Remove anything that does not belong!

It's amazing the things that get shoved in there that don't need to be in there.  I had extra decor items, and pictures frames on the bottom taking up precious storage space.
I also went through old sheets/duvet covers, towels, and donated them, or cut them up to use as cleaning rags, if they were not salvageable. 

STEP 3: Group Items Together

Make a plan for your closet and group your items together.

I designed spots for people's rooms on each shelf.  
In the middle of the night, it comes in really, really handy to have each in it's own designated pot. 
(ask me how I know this).
I put our heavy blankets on the very top shelf, extra Toilet paper in a basket, our beach towels together, and extra pillow cases on the bottom.


Keep the items you use most often between eye and belly-button level.

Keeps your sheet sets together by wrapping flat folded sheet over pillow cases 
and fitted sheet, or inserting the set in the pillow case.

STEP 4: Label

Labeling your "new spots" will help keep everything organized in future! 

You can use words (like above), or picture labels if you have young members in your household

 This way when I am putting away the laundry I know where to put everything.  On the other hand, if I ask a family member to get me something, or put something away, they will know where it goes too.

STEP 5: Maintenance

Let your family know what you have done, and what is expected of them 
in the future in maintaining the organized space.

Pssst... Did you want to see the before of my closet?

It's a small closet, in a very tight space outside of kids bathroom with bifold doors.

The After:

 ~ Yes, I noticed two of the spots for the blankets are not labeled. ;) ~

What organizing spots are you working on in your house?

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