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Friday, 17 January 2014

Organizing a Powder Room Cabinet - The Details

My quick little organizing project yesterday, generated a bunch of questions on Facebook, so I thought I'd address them all on a new post.

So here it goes.

1.  IKEA Blanken basket - $2.99 

I used Command Clear tiny hooks to adhere them to cabinet.

We've had this tower for many years, and it has held up great.  I simply took a couple of the drawers out, so that it would fit the space.

3. Plastic Magazine Holder from Dollar Store

It's one of those cheapy snap-together plastic magazine holders, but it's the same width as a toilet paper so it's perfect.  Again, I bought this many years ago.  I still see them every so often.  

4. Step Stool

Wooden step stool that was gifted to Sydney on her second birthday.  It's been used by all of the kids at one point or another and I'm sure it will one day be used by my grandkids if I'm blessed to have them.

Inside the Plastic Storage Cabinet

In my last post I didn't bother to show you what was inside the cabinet, but I just took a second and took a picture to show you what a 15 year old feels is important to keep in the bathroom.

I didn't move anything around, she groups all her items in different baskets. The only thing I don't see there is her make-up remover, it's usually in there too.  She keeps her make-up and perfume in her bedroom.

 We use smaller plastic dollar store baskets on the inside to keep everything organized and from moving around when the drawer gets opened and closed.

So there you go, this is how I organized my bathroom cabinet that had no drawers in it.  It is so much more functional and organized now.

What do you do to keep yourself organized in a small half-bathroom like this?  

For more ideas check out my Pinterest Organizing Board.

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