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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy 2014!

I started off the year with a really nasty cold, that had me sleeping all of New Years Day and announcing on Facebook, that I would not be posting again until next Monday.  But as of this very minute, I'm feeling much better and hopeful that I will get a good nights sleep.  {fingers crossed}

So I thought, while I have a spurt of energy, I would come and publicly announce that I'm not making resolutions this year! That is right... none!

I, however will choose a word that will define 2014 for me.

(Here is 2011 and nothing for 2012)

I have chosen the word... APPRECIATE!

This year, I'm choosing to live everyday as if it's my last day on Earth.

I'm appreciating my warm home in winter, and cool home in summer.

I'm appreciating, my happy, healthy children.

I'm appreciating, a husband that loves me unconditionally and works hard to take care of us.

I'm appreciating, that everyday I can feel, smell and see my family.

I'm appreciating, that I can feed and clothe my family everyday.

I'm appreciating, that I am here, and alive.

And because I like a pretty picture with every post, this is from our family excursion last summer.

Are you setting Goals/Resolutions this year?

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