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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Family Day Getaway

Last weekend was Family day here in Canada, and hubs and I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara for the night.  We checked the pup for her own doggy getaway. It was alot of fun. We were exhausted when we got home and so was Jovi.

I thought I'd share some fun pics from our night away.

My 4 loves hanging out in the wave pool... between waves.

I caught Haley doing this in the water.

And then later I saw this... sorry for blurry pic, i had to be quick to get the pic.

hmmm... I see manicures in near future.

My two handsome fellas.

I laughed at this pic... Oh Sydney!

My beauty...

When walking around you never know when a bucket of water will be dumped on your head.

Do you notice the book I was reading while I was there? It's the Divergent trilogy. That's the third book Allegiant in the foreground.   I am now finished the series and can't wait for the movie. My girls are reading the books too.  I told them they couldn't watch the movie unless they read the books first. Here's a trailer for the movie.

Did you notice, there are no pics of me? I didn't realize it either until I got home.  I really need to pass off the camera to others. Oh and grandma came too, but she didn't make it into any of the pics either.  I left my camera in the room most of the time, because you were never safe walking around with the water everywhere.

And on a side note, I ran into a friend from Highschool that I haven't seen in over 20 years.

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For my Canadian readers, did you do anything 
special for Family Day?  
And more importantly, have you read the Divergent trilogy?

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