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Friday, 28 February 2014

FEATURE FRIDAY: Life in Velvet

I love finding new blogs and I love sharing them with everyone.
I am starting a new feature here on the ole blog where I'll be featuring a new blogger every Friday.

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Please meet Angela from Life in Velvet.
Angela and I have become bloggy friends over the past few months.
This girl is very talented.  And Gorgeous! 

 I recently sent Angela some questions  and I thought I'd share them with you here too.

How long Have you been blogging? 

I've been blogging for about 5 months. I still have SO much to learn!

How did you choose your name "Life in Velvet"?

 I picked the name because I absolutely love velvet and all the other good names were taken ;) 

Frosted Dot Glass

Why did you decide to start Blogging? 

I desperately needed a creative outlet :)  I have always been obsessed with decorating, crafts, interiors and all pretty homemade things. My days consist of financial models and a million spreadsheets, so I was really longing for a way to share inspiration and join a community of other creative people.

Mini Apple Pies

What is your favourite post and why? 

I will forever love my  DIY  Brooch Bouquet post. I'm just so sentimental about this project. I absolutely loved being able to have brooches from my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother with me on my wedding day

DIY- Brooch Bouquet

What inspires you? 

My super crafty mom, spending time with my truly wonderful family and friends, design, color, fabrics, interiors, typography, thoughtful gifts, humour and great quotes. 

Valentine Ampersand Art 

What has been your biggest challenge in blogging so far? 

I'm such a type A person. I know it's a terrible habit, but I compare myself to other people way too often. I get discouraged when I see other bloggers with more followers, better photos and more creative projects. When I get in this mode though, I just try to remember this...

"Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt

I can't help but add a quote :) If blogging isn't fun and fulfilling, what's the point?

What excites you the most about blogging? 

I am constantly in awe of other bloggers genius ideas! I wake up every morning dying to see the fabulous things my blogging friends are up to!

Office and Craft Organization Project

Any advice for newbie bloggers? 

Don't let comparing yourself to other bloggers ruin all the fun! Each person brings a unique and valuable perspective, and there's plenty of room for all of us. Also, join a group of other bloggers as soon as you start your blog. That is honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made. The friendship, support, advice, resources and opportunities that arise as a result are invaluable.

If you would like to follow Angela and Life in Velvet, here is her Social Media

She also hosts the Thursday S.T.Y.L.E. link party every Thursday evening at 8 EST. 

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Isn't that Brooch absolutely gorgeous? And what an amazing way to honour her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother on her wedding day.  I love that.  If you want to see more of her projects, then head on over to Life in Velvet!

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